The highly anticipated biographical film drama, “Girl, you know it`s true”, promises to captivate audiences with its retelling of themeteoric rise and fall of Milli Vanilli, one of the world’s biggest pop superstars of the late `80s and early `90s.

This powerful narrative featuring pivotal scenes filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, brings to light the infamous scandal that rocked the music industry, portraying the complexities of fame and deception through the compelling performances of Tijan Njie (Rob Pilatus) and Elan Ben Ali (Fab Morvan). The scenic beauty and vibrant atmosphere of Cape Town provide a stunning backdrop, adding a unique visual element to the film.

Dance artists Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan were struggling to make inroads as pop artists in Europe; That was before they met Boney M creator and svengali, German, Frank Farian in 1988, who recruited them to be the face of his new music project. Their debut single “Girl you know it`s true” shot to the top of the charts resulting in millions of album sales across the globe. In the US Milli Vanilli went on win the highly prized “Best New Artist” award at the 1990 32nd Grammy Awards. 

Then without warning the wheels came off the duo`s career when it was discovered that they had in fact not sung on any of the songs on their debut album or hit singles. The resulting fallout from one of the biggest scandals in pop history , including the return of the group`s Grammy Award, would prove to be fatal for Milli Vanilli`s once chart topping rise to fame.

“Girl, you know it`s true” is a riveting look inside the sometimes seedy world of the global music business and is at once heartwarming, poignant, shockingand captivating. ​The film will hit the big screen in South Africa on……….

Film synopsis

Hit producer Frank Farian (Matthias Schweighöfer) takes on unknown dancers Rob Pilatus (Tijan Njie) and Fab Morvan (Elan Ben Ali) for his next music project. A meteoric rise ensues that exceeds all bounds. The two friends Rob and Fab conquer the international charts under the name of Milli Vanilli, have three Number One hits in the US, and enjoy a life of excess in Hollywood. There is only a small circle of insiders who know their secret: the duo don’t sing themselves at all—they merely move their lips to the voices of the real singers. At the height of their fame, when Milli Vanilli win a Grammy and tour America, the truth finally comes to light. While the mighty apparatus that has been pulling the duo’s strings quickly washes its hands of the affair, Rob and Fab find themselves in the middle of the biggest scandal in music history.


Filming in Cape Town has not only showcased the city’s picturesque locations but also boosted the local economy. The production employed numerous South African crew members and collaborated with local businesses, contributing significantly to the regional film industry. Cape Town’s diverse and vibrant scenery plays a crucial role in the film, adding authenticity and depth to the storytelling.

CAST includes Tijan Njie as Robert Pilatus, Elan Ben Ali as Fabrice Morvan, Matthias Schweighöfer as Frank Farian, Bella Dayne as Ingrid „Milli“ Segieth, Graham Rogers as Todd Headlee, Stevonté Hart as Kevin Liles, Ashley Dowds as Benny Dorn, Michael Maertens as Markus Klein, Tijan Marei as Carmen Pilatus Thomas Bading as Karl Pilatus, Ulrike Arnold as Antonie Pilatus, David Mayonga as Brad Howell, Samuel S. Franklin as John Davis, Penelope Frego as Stefania, Romeo Guy Da Silva as Robert Pilatus (young), David Verhoeven as Frank Farian (young)

SOUTH AFRICAN CAST includes Natasha Loring, Andrew Roux, Ashley Dowds and David Chevers

DIRECTOR: Simon Verhoeven

SCREENPLAY BY: Simon Verhoeven

PRODUCERS: Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann

PRODUCED BY: Kirstin Winkler

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