melfordMELANIE GIA RAMJEE AKA HYPRESS is a publicist, media enthusiast, student of life and most importantly mother to the future president lil Musa.

I’m a publicist and marketer by profession.

I love anything and everything fun and try embrace life to the full. Life is too short to be serious all the time.

I studied Fashion Design and various music courses after high school but sadly have NO sense of style whatsoever and can’t keep a single note even though my dream has always been to be a famous singer.

I decided that I was better off doing what I was good at a few years back – PR.

I spent my days working on fabulous and cool brands, trying to get them exposure in the media while also raising my three kids (my bonus baby Dejal 15, Musa 8 and Maya 18 month). I try enjoy life as much as possible.


I started this blog to get educatedĀ about the online space and also to find out how I can get millions of hits like some websites do.

Damn I also wanna be famous and maybe make money off it.

But on a more serious note I also really started the blog to shut up the people who kept telling me I should start one, so amen I did.

This blog is dedicated to those people. And of course I love all the invite, goodie bags and other freebies.

Life is good and I try each day to enjoy both the good and bad life throws my way.


10 Responses
  • phiwe
    March 9, 2015

    I love your work, genuinely. I follow you on Instagram. If I’m not sure what other people have posted is true, I check your page for update. All the best and thank u.

    • hypress
      November 13, 2015

      Thanks… sorry for the delayed reply

    • hypress
      January 30, 2020

      Thank YOU. I never did see this comment. Apologies for the delayed response.

  • I would love to make contact with you, am a Durban based hotelier sales and marketing lover , crazy creative and always find myself being able to connect people. Tourism is my love and as such formed , . I Started following you after having to assist with the Rick Ross accommodation arrangements through Richard and Kgolo. It will be awesome to meet you when next in Durban!

  • Oliver
    April 22, 2016

    Hi Mel,

    I absolutely love the work you do and how good you are at it. I see myself being not you but kinda like you in the near future as I’m also interested in working as a PRP in the entertainment industry. You’re an inspiration and I’m so happy to be following you on twitter, IG and now on your blog šŸ˜€

  • Dale Kopping
    July 8, 2016

    Nice one Mel. Keep up the Awesome work

  • Lesego
    July 17, 2017

    EVERYTIME I see your posts, on your blog and social media pages one word comes to mind – authentic. You look like someone who is relatable and overall REAL, something very rare these days.

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