DJ Zinhle 3She’s a statement-maker, making her mark with style and class. She knows how to spin tunes and choose threads. She’s one of Africa’s rising stars, representing us on the world stage, always graceful, always energetic, always original.


She’s DJ Zinhle, and she’s LEGiT’s new Summer Brand Ambassador.


LEGiT, the clothing brand that offers Mzansi’s young, urban, savvy women edgy, diverse style options, is proud to announce its collaboration with DJ Zinhle, the latest in a long list of cutting edge celebrities that are lending their look and name to the ‘Don’t Tell Me What To Wear’ campaign. “We are so excited to partner with DJ Zinhle,” says Ocean Ngobeni, LEGiT Brand Manager. “Her music, fashion sense and personality makes her an ideal collaborator for LEGiT as she effortlessly reflects our ethos: Don’t Tell Me What To Wear. With this range, our customers can look forward to a sexy and edgy limited edition of denim and tees, on-trend and in style!” This limited edition range is all wild and summery, fabulous and sexy in neon pink and orange. It’s all about denim dresses, jeans, shirts, shorts and skirts, and perfectly matched-up tees emboldened with striking graphics, slogans and beautiful accessories. It’s bold statement after bold statement, giving voice to a generation who say what’s on their mind, and wear what they want.


It’s an attitude perfectly epitomised by DJ Zinhle, who meteoric rise to fame has been an uncompromising journey that took her from humble beginnings to worldwide acclaim. She’s made it in a male industry by being dynamic, unique and daring. And she’s super stoked about this project. “My look has always been about expressing who I am, without any excuses,” enthuses the deck diva. “Aligning my style with a brand like LEGiT, whose mission is to give Mzansi’s young woman a platform to express themselves, is just perfect. I’m so excited!”


DJ Zinhle + LEGiT Limited Edition will be launching in all 190 stores across South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana on September the 23rd just as summer really starts to heat up. It will be available until the end of October. Supporting this, there will be a road show visiting Mpumalanga on the 5th of October, Polokwane on the 19th of October and DJ Zinhle’s hometown of Newcastle on the 2nd of November.


This match-made-in-style-heaven is going to transform South Africa’s streets and give summer days even more colour, vibrancy and downright attitude. It’s loud, it’s proud, and it doesn’t care if it’s disallowed. This is DJ Zinhle + LEGiT, and it’s totally unapologetic.

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