Today, MTN South Africa debuted MTN Music+, a subscription based music streaming and download platform.

Music+ is the only platform that offers its users the ability to simultaneously stream and download music and videos offline. Music+ subscribers can also share music and videos with friends and preview tracks under the same user profile. MTN subscribers can access Music+ through the web and mobile devices, and the service is compatible with a range of operating systems including iOS, Android and BlackBerry.
Larry Annetts, Chief Marketing Officer of MTN SA, says one of the key differentiators of Music+ is that the content is heavily biased in favour of music content from South Africa and across the continent.
“MTN Music+ seeks to develop local content and give aspiring artists a platform to showcase their talent to a captive audience of millions of users across the continent. Music+ expands the artists’ distribution footprint beyond the narrow confines of their home markets and beyond conventional means. We are pleased to avail this service which we believe will contribute to the development of music across the continent,” says Annetts.
“Huawei is our technology partner and will assist in supporting this platform, we are very excited by the outcome of our partnership with them,” concludes Annetts.
Edric Chu, Managing Director of Huawei Technologies, says his company is proud of the role it has played to help MTN to bring this service to its customers.

“The Music+ platform is designed to provide users with an interactive, user-friendly service. The service is optimized for mobile and online access to enhance user experience and it requires no significant device restrictions or additional device requirements. Huawei is proud to be part of this initiative that will revolutionise music in South Africa and across the continent,” says Edric Chu.
To access MTN Music+ customers can download it from the Google Play Store or visiting
Subscription costs differ.

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