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Mom- Someone who may not have given birth to you. She is a role model, a teacher and a hero. She raises and cares for you and always puts your happiness before her own. She loves you unconditionally no matter what, she is your world.

The love of a mom is an incredible thing, she gives without expecting anything in return, goes above and beyond to make sure that you are loved and cared for and she ultimately loves you no matter what. A mother’s love is unconditional in every way and during the everyday hustle and bustle we often forget to say thank you for the little things that she does for us which mean everything. McCain wants to help you say thank you to mom.

The act of saying thank you doesn’t need to be a grand gesture, it can be a quiet moment shared between you and your mom over a meal that you have specially prepared for her. Food is love and when preparing a meal or a dish you put your whole heart and soul into the cooking. This small yet meaningful act of preparing a meal can really mean the world to a person, especially a mom.

McCain has put this theory to the test with three real people who were given the opportunity to create a delicious surprise meal using McCain Veggie Sides, Stew Mix and Crispy Oven Chips to say thank you to their moms for all the little things.

Jonathan, Jessi and Thuli each cooked a surprise meal for their moms. McCain wanted to add something unique and special to the surprise and helped Jonathan, Jessi and Thuli create a personalised plate for their mom. Each of the plates had a special message from them telling their moms how much they mean to them. The result in each case was an emotional and wonderful moment between mother and child as the message on the plate was revealed.


McCain would like to give you an opportunity to create your own beautiful personalised dinner plate for your mom to say thank you.

You will be able to go online ( and create your own plate by choosing the design, creating your own personal message and then have it packaged and delivered as a surprise for your mom.

Each packaged plate will cost between R220-R290 depending on where the delivery is. The plates that are created can also be shared virtually via different social media platforms, allowing you to share your messages of thanks, joy and appreciation online.

A mom’s job is filled with many daily challenges so take a moment to make your mom feel loved and appreciated and say thank you for all the little things that she does that mean everything to you.

So be sure to visit from April 2016 to September 2016 to create your printed plate or your virtual plate. Share your stories and messages of thanks and appreciation for mom with McCain using the hashtags #MakeAPlate and #JoysOfMccain.


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