Kérastase presents Discipline Curl Idéal – MAGIC IN A BOTTLE

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The TAMED CURL- Untamed femininity

In 2014, Kérastase released a new breakthrough, Discipline Fluidéaliste, making movement the new standard of perfection for smoothed hair.

It was an immediate success. Proud, fluid hair could express freedom with control. The first smoothing care making blowdrying easier was born.

In 2016, backed by its experience with excellence, Kérastase introduces a bold new idea to liberate curly hair. Discipline Curl Idéal, the first shape in motion care that shapes curls while maintaining natural movement. It enhances the hair fibre, highlighting the graceful contours of curly hair, from wavy to the most frizzy.

Dare to express your freedom… with movement.

THE SOFT CURLS – A graceful comeback

Hair styles reveal our opinions, our philosophy, our sense of aesthetics.

Curls celebrate societies’ history through their vitality. Whether blond, red, brown, or black, they embody life through movement, shape, and undulation.

A look back on the centuries past: Queen Berenice dedi- cated her hair to the gods, the universe flowed from Shiva’s hair, and Botticelli celebrated the birth of Venus, her undulating hair blowing in the wind.

In his poem “Her Hair” (O Boucles), Baudelaire praises curls, evoking hedonism and hair as the scent of liberty.

Today, globalisation serves as the most singular ode to curls. After the craze for straight hair in the early 2000s, waves and even tight curls are back, on the street and on the catwalk. Top luxury brands have set a new standard for glamour, a new manifesto. Asserting your personality and expressing yourself through your curls as a celebra- tion of self-confidence. This pluralistic beauty, reflective of society today, can give rise to a range of emotions. A universal acceptance from top bloggers, stars, and women everywhere.



A dream formula
This clever product is more than just a cleanser. It is a deep treatment for curls dried outby traditional shampoos that remove too much of the curl sebum, leaving hair substance dry and rigid. The formula’s texture is inspired by technology that sets the bar higher
to reinvent cleansing.

Curly hair is often more difficult to style due to its elliptical structure. Calibrated to protect the hydrolipidic film, free of silicone and sulphates, this formula gently and delicately cleanses, preserving the beauty of curls and enhancing their exquisite fiber quality. With an extra dose of conditioning agents to gently cleanse the hair fibre. Pro-Keratin + Elastin complex provides
a supple coating without the risk of tangles. Curls are pure and perfectly moisturized. They look lively and perfectly shaped.

Innovative application

Apply to wet hair, letting the emulsion gently penetrate the scalp. Extend to hair from the roots to the ends, coating the hair fibre. Leave to rest 2-3 minutes. Work generously into a subtle lather, then rinse well. Repeat before applying the other products in the rang


The first intense hair care to provide movement. It restores life to overly voluminous hair from the roots to the tips, magnifying their shape and their suppleness, while restoring moisture. The formula includes silicone to control frizz.


Apply along the entire length of damp hair and to the scalp as needed to act against excess volume at the roots. Leave to rest 5 minute, then rinse. Gentle yet present, for targeted moisture.


The incredible flexibility of a malleable texture that fixes the ideal, perfectly springing curl. It fuses with the fibre to define relaxed curls to your heart’s content. Under the influence
of Pro-Keratin + Elastin complex, the hair is supple again and the curls move independently
of one another.


1. Apply to hair after cleansing and towel drying.2. Spread along the hair length, turning the hands to define the Idéal curling motion. Pleasurable, careful application to get the perfect curl.


Instant metamorphosis: this shape-memory mousse fixes the curls’ movement and adds bounce, with no restrictions, no residue, and perfect definition. Thanks to Pro-Keratin + Elastin formula,
a seaweed extract that provides unique texture, glucose to define curls, and moisturising glycerine, it provides imperceptible support that is light and radiant. The curls are toned and bouncy. The hair’s texture is joyful and silky!


Shake before use. Apply evenly to the entire length of damp


Bain Curl Idea (400ml) – R 360
Masque Curl Ideal (200ml) – R 470
Oleo Curl Ideal Crème (150ml) – R 400
Curlissme Mouse Ideal – (150ml) – R 300

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2 Responses
  • Jacky
    April 21, 2016

    I can’t wait to try this! I have a mane of wild curls!
    I used Indola 4+4 shine and design for years and it has been taken off the SA market. My hairdresser referred L’Oreal techni- art Bouncy and Tender but I’m not wowed!

    • hypress
      May 25, 2016

      it really works. I use it every day

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