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Durban, 15th June 2016 – This week saw the announcement of the partnership between two top entertainment businessmen in SA, during a stakeholders meeting in the city. Top Durban venue 47th Avenue has joined the infamous Taboo group.

One of Joburg’s most successful club owners and Taboo Group CEO Chris Coutroulis has partnered with Durban’s own Kgolo ‘Daguru’ Mthembu to re-introduce a premium nightlife experience to the Durban market following several meetings this month.

The Taboo group is synonymous with 5 star lifestyle and clubbing culture across South Africa. With a collection of restaurants and clubs, the group delivers an upmarket offering for both locals and tourists alike. This partnership strives to improve Durban’s clubbing culture and introduce international standards to the scene. From highly trained security to boast up personal safety, improved all round production for better sound and lighting, to better décor and finishings to create a VIP experience like no other.

No stranger to the business, Kgolo ‘Daguru’ Mthembu has been a forerunner in Durban’s nightlife well over the past decade. Having started his career as a junior copywriter at a huge international agency while hosting and promoting events on weekends, his goal was always to revolutionize club culture in Durban.

Eventually he quit his 9-5 job and formed his own below the line agency ‘Kgolo Daguru Experiential’ a few years ago. His phenomenal track record includes managing venues like Skyybar, Plush Lounge, Vogue Umhlanga, The Society DBN. He currently owns the one of the most successful clubs in the city, 47th Avenue.

‘After several discussions, I am excited to finally see this all come together. As one of Director for the Taboo Group, we get to collaborate as a group, with the intent of stepping up club culture in Durban. This will promote and encourage local and foreign tourism alike, which has always been one of my life goals. This partnership is huge for the city’, stated Kgolo Mthembu.

The business also has a third partner, Durban based businessman Riedwan Jogee who is no stranger to the Durban entertainment scene. Co-owning one of Durban First Premier night clubs Boulevard, he was also crucial in facilitating this partnership. Riedwan has a long standing relationship with Chris Coutroulis and the Taboo Group.. All three partners share the same values and vision to revolutionise the scene and promote tourism in the city.
With the DURBAN July around the corner, the venue has an exciting and amazing calendar of events planned. Watch the press for more details. For more information regarding the venue, please contact :

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