Albany D’light flavoured bread bursts onto the South African market 


Albany’s new D’light range is infused with delicious, one-of-a-kind flavours that will force you to re-consider what bread is all about. From Cinnamon & Popcorn to Butter and Raisin & Cinnamon, change is on its way!

Bread is one of the world’s staple food stuffs, providing handy nutrition and wholesome taste to families in every corner of the globe. At times, of course, we take it for granted. Yes, it’s the food we can’t imagine our lives without, but we don’t always give the two slices that wrap our lunch time sandwich too much of a thought.

Albany Bakeries, one of South Africa’s most loved family food brands, is changing all this with a range of breads guaranteed to make mom, dad, and the kids think more than twice about the deliciousness they’re gripping in their hands.

Albany’s new D’light breads are infused with delicious, one-of-a-kind flavours that will make the whole family sit up and take notice, and question whether toppings or spreads are required at all. Featuring unique Cinnamon & Popcorn, Butter and Raisin & Cinnamon flavours, the D’light range is set to shake up the local supermarket in a big way.

“The response has been phenomenal so far,” says Thabile Gwiji, Brand Manager at Albany Bakeries. “All the moms and families we’ve spoken to have been very impressed by the change of pace, the taste and the excitement the D’light breads offer. They bring a bit of zing to a part of family life that can get a bit dull for everyone, at times.”

So, how does a brand go about creating such exotic and innovative new flavours? Who dreams up something like Popcorn & Butter flavoured bread?

“It all stemmed from our community actually,” says Gwiji. “We talk a lot to our consumers, and they’ve been telling us for a while that it would be great for families to have access to a range of breads that cater to special moments and everyday moments when a snack is required. To celebrations, Sunday mornings, long weekends and after school snack time. South Africans told us they would love a bread that adds fun and flavour to special family times.”

Based on this insight, Albany set its team of bakers to work. They emerged with a range that is clearly stimulating taste buds across the country.

“The launch has been a wonderful experience,” concludes Gwiji. “We’re delighted – pun intended! – to have given nurturing mums new options when it comes to giving their families healthy exciting lifestyle options.”

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Albany’s New D’light Flavoured Bread range is available at selected supermarkets and retailers across the country.


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