Mi Casa UNLOCKS Africa

July 2016, the multiple award-winning and globally acclaimed trio is set to officially launch a brand new movement called #MiCasaUNLOCKAfrica.

With 6 African countries under their belt already in 2016, the band is looking forward further ‘unlocking’ new Africa territories.

Mi Casa continue to provoke audiences from around the world through dance and their message of romance, unity and having an unlimited lust for life.

Their recent release featuring Sauti Sol titled Tolale Fofofo has taken Eastern & Southern Africa by storm.

With their incomparable appeal and unparalleled creative and artistic approach to music that harmoniously marries authentically African beats with contemporary international influences, Mi Casa – have soared to consistently higher heights of success since the day the band formed in 2010.

Whilst their focus in on Africa, home is where the heart is and no doubt their season in Africa will be jam packed. Keep an eye on their social media handles listed below for real time updates.


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