Jet celebrates Women this August

This Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the women who are in it for the win, the ones who have the ability to influence and challenge and debate, the ones who build others up instead of putting them down, the ones who build their empires on trust and partnerships.

With a campaign that celebrates the mothers, the sisters, the wives, the friends and the daughters, Jet invites women from all walks of life to tell their own stories in a show of women power and togetherness.

Women are often under pressure to be something they’re not, and this often means that somewhere in the cross fire of being a sister, mother, sole provider, friend or careeer women it’s easy to pretend to be harder, to put on a brave face or a front. To lose your authentic self in a flurry of conflicting roles and unrealistic expectations.

“As women, our fears are unseen – I know a woman whio is afraid that if she has children it will distract her from her career, another who thinks she cannot leave the house without wearing make up. The truth is, the more we embrace that we can be ourselves, no pretense, no compromise, the more powerful we become,” says Urshela Schutte, Jet Visual Marketing Manager.

Women need to nurture, to provide, to comfort, to open their arms and comfort, to soften their hearts and love. But they also often feel the need to be hard, to show they can make it in business, to put bread on the table for their families,

This woman’s day Jet pays homage to all women, to the single moms who are savvy shoppers to those who provide for their families off meagre salaries, who somehow manage to hold it together and still look like a million bucks. To the mothers who are a safe haven in times of need, to the sisters doing it for themselves, to the friends who keep each others chins held high.

Whatever your role, we salute you, and know with Jet that you can always afford to be yourself.

The videos have been loaded onto YouTube and can be viewed on Jet’s YouTube channel below:

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