Johannesburg local makes it two in a row to represent South Africa at international basketball tournament

Johannesburg, South Africa – A bustling street in the heart of Braamfontein shut down for an epic one-on-one streetball showdown on Saturday. Defending champion Kevin Romenoh faced Tshepo Mogotsi in a fraught and physical final but Romenoh proved his mettle and was again crowned Red Bull King of the Rock South Africa champion.

A total of thirty-two ballers, selected through three qualifier events that took place over July and August went head to head throughout the day, all fighting for the chance to head to the Red Bull King of the Rock World Finals in Serbia in September.

“It’s never easy coming into an event as the defending champion and I knew there would be a bit of pressure on me to come out and give my best. I worked so hard for this and it feels really good to lift the trophy again,” said Romenoh.

Romenoh, having been to the World Finals in Turkey in 2015, was excited at the prospect of competing against the world’s best again: “I have under a month before I head to Serbia so I’m going put my head down and put in the time to make sure I make everyone proud. I learnt a lot by experiencing the World Finals last year and think I’m in a good space to make it to the final rounds of the competition in 2016. “

The engrained connection between basketball and hip hop was celebrated as digital trap-maskandi muso Mashayabhuqe KaMamba made sure to keep the crowd grooving.

“Basketball is alive in SA. The Red Bull King of the Rock Final has just proved that. I don’t recall a street EVER being shut down for a basketball event in Africa,” said event director KP Ndlovu. “Braamfontein has become a central hub for urban youth culture which is perfect for the development of the game. I know Kevin will do us proud.”

The World Finals take place on the 17th of September in Belgrad, Serbia.


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