Inspired by the traditions and values of our ancestors, moyo is a celebration of, and commitment to, the beauty of Africa. moyo’s famously warm hospitality and modern African ambiance make it the ultimate destination for a unique African experience. moyo is more than a restaurant, it is a destination and perfectly aligned with the vision of the holding company; Fournews who value innovation and creating real experiences.

Most recently, under new ownership and management, the well established moyo Melrose Arch has undergone a sizeable renovation which ushers in a new era for this very exceptional moyo location.

moyo Melrose Arch franchisee, Sharlotte Naidu, took ownership of the Melrose Arch store in July 2016.

With 20 years of experience as a turn around strategist consulting for various organisations, Sharlotte’s focus has for years been around strategy, structure and people.

Alongside her consulting experience one could say Sharlotte has been in the restaurant industry her entire life as her parents have owned restaurants for as long as she can remember. “It is through my professional experience working closely with individuals and large groups of people, gaining insight into their perspectives and the pressures each and every one of them face that motivated me to create a destination allowing people to unwind, allowing them to breathe again and feel at ease, even if just for a moment,” says Sharlotte.

She goes on to say that the newly revamped moyo Melrose Arch, as a destination, has been designed and curated for guests to reenergize during their time with the moyo family and leave the restaurant feeling rejuvenated.

“As the new owners of moyo Melrose Arch we set out to ensure the creation of a memorable experience, the ultimate African dining experience”, says Sharlotte.

The venue takes guests on a journey with fantastic food, exceptional customer service, the most beautiful ambience and soulful music. A lasting African experience for guests is of utmost importance to the moyo Melrose Arch team. The stores new design boasts a perfect combination of the warmth of mama Africa and the vibrance of elements taken from a modern, upmarket African community. The fusion between old African décor and design and new contemporary injections of energy is now evident.

moyo Melrose Arch, 5 stories deep, once filled with depth and heritage has been refined and will continue to see upgrades throughout the remainder of 2016. All upgrades are not yet complete but the first phase sees the completion of the newly upgraded popular outside entrance area. A modern African bar, the Malkia Bar, has been introduced, overlooking the Melrose Arch square, creating the perfect space for guests to enjoy those warm summer evenings and wonderful sunset experiences. It is the perfect after work drinks destination where guests are able to unwind.

As you enter further into the entrance level an all new formal dining area has been created, crowned by a breathtaking chandelier hand crafted by African women all of whom are living with HIV. The sophisticated dining area lends itself as the perfect space for exclusive dining events or high teas. All design and décor elements that form part of the revamp have been created by local designers, capturing local talent.

Just above the ground level, the extremely welcoming mezzanine floor boasts an abundance of bold accents and bright colour.

As guests move one level lower they enter into the Tasting Kitchen, which is to further be developed in phase 2 of the renovation, here they can sample the various African cuisine canapé offerings. As guests move further down, once completed during phase two, this level will boast a decadent wine cellar available for booking by guests as a private room in which dinners can be served and wine pairing experiences had for special occasions. Right opposite the wine cellar a cigar lounge will be introduced, offering rare cigars, an impeccable offering for those who enjoy a high caliber experience, in a space where they can relax and unwind.

The final lower level is where the function and event area is located, commonly known to moyo as the ‘Rock Room’ which boasts a dramatic double volume bar with various art cut outs, each symbolic with their own Swahili meaning that tell a different story. This space can hold up to 200 guests for functions, corporate events or private functions.

Additional upgrades to come throughout the year, as part of phase two include the introduction of an upmarket, plush whiskey bar on the ground level. A sure favourite destination for the sophisticated palate and tourist.

People are centric to the moyo Melrose Arch values and sentiment. The significance of people includes not only guests but the importance of caring for staff. The moyo Melrose Arch concept is centered around creating a place we can call home. Either as a guest or an employee, the moyo Melrose Arch team are a family, a family in which guests are welcomed.

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