Albany Low GI supports Spar Women’s Race for the good

Albany Low GI bread, provides longer lasting energy to help people feel full for longer so that they can get more out of their day.

Over recent months, Albany Bakeries has been seen along with brand ambassador DJ Zinhle, encouraging consumers to take part in activities that get them to unlock their energy, as well as educating them on healthy eating habits and the importance of exercise, whilst managing ongoing demands of day to day life.

Continuing this, the Albany Low GI team, along with DJ Zinhle, will be taking part in the Spar Women’s Race, also known as South Africa’s Most Beautiful Road Race, in Johannesburg this Sunday, the 9th of October, with their biggest assembly yet – a hundred ladies in total. Apart from showcasing the benefits of Albany Low GI, which is sustained energy, the group will be running the race in support of the “Reach for Recovery’s Ditto Project.” This amazing project aims to help women feel like women again after their mastectomy’s. It is not a given that women will be able to get constructive surgery after a mastectomy and many of them are left feeling less like a woman after already fighting the biggest fight of their lives. With the Ditto Project women are able to get a prosthesis which they can wear when they are out and about living their lives, feeling feminine and beautiful.

“Creating awareness around this initiative is vital as there are so many women living with the aftermath of cancer and while women are strong and resilient they deserve to feel whole and confident every day. Women are the foundation of a home and as Albany, it’s important that we show them love and care, the same way they do for their families on a daily basis, says Pondo Belot, Marketing Manager, at Albany Bakeries. “After our race on Sunday we will be donating R20 000 to this project to assist them with the great work they do. We would also like to encourage others to find out more about this project at and to offer their support to Cancer in general, no matter how big or small.”
If you would like to show your support for a charity you can still take part in the Johannesburg Spar Women’s Race this Sunday. Be at Wanderers Club, Illovo, Johannesburg bright and early and choose between the 5km or 10km and pay your R90. Unlock your energy and your giving nature and join the race.

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