Krispy Kreme Doughnuts bringing the joy this Halloween

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts South Africa launch their Halloween inspired doughnuts and beverages as a limited edition offer for the month of October.

The Krispy Kreme Halloween doughnuts include the Cyclops, Cobweb, Jack O Lantern and Zombie. The Halloween chillers include The Frankenstein and Widows Kiss, all available until 31 October 2016.

The Halloween Krispy Kreme range is perfect for any celebration this Halloween season, the flavours are so much fun and super delicious.

The Cyclops is a shell doughnut dipped in green icing, filled with vanilla Kreme and decorated with one eye and a smile.

The Cobweb is a shell doughnut dipped in chocolate icing and filled with custard, the web design is completed by hand with orange icing.

The Jack’O Lantern is a shell doughnut, dipped in orange icing and decorated with chocolate icing creating a Jack’ O Lantern face, filled with oreo cookie kreme.

The Zombie, dipped in purple icing, decorated with a spooky face using black and white icing and is strawberry filled.

The Frankenstein is the sweetest new addition to that Halloween spread this year; a Kremey Green Apple chiller with blueberry puree, garnished with vanilla flavoured cream, blueberry Boba balls and finished off with a drizzle of blueberry puree.

The Widows Kiss is a kremey custard chiller with Strawberry Puree, garnished with vanilla cream and strawberry puree drizzle and dressed with a strawberry sours candy belt.

Krispy Kreme’s Halloween doughnuts and beverages are sure to be the perfect addition to your Halloween celebration this October. Share your favourite Halloween moments using #scungry across social media.

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