Curve Loving Pty Ltd officially launches Online Magazine that advocates Body Positivity through Self Love across all body shapes and sizes.

The creators of the Curve Loving online magazine (http://curveloving.co.za ), Noluthando Nkosi and Andile Kunene, believe that the journey to happiness begins with self-love. Our vision and mission is to redefine the beauty standards in our society and positively impact lives. ALL WOMEN “Curvy, Slenda, Sdudla, Twiggy, Fohloza, Yellow-bone and Dark Dindi, etc.” should not only OWN their place in society but celebrate their differences. Curve Loving is live; the online magazine has quickly gathered a large, loyal following, with thousands of views every day.

Through the Curve Loving articles, we hope to stimulate the development of our readers, this will lead to alleviating any insecurities that they have towards their bodies. The online magazine introduces a powerful platform to inspire healthy living and self-confidence at every shape, skin tone and size. In addition, Curve Loving is fast and easy to use and is a great way to meet likeminded people and debunk the so called set beauty standards. Our hope is that all users are able to spark meaningful lessons that last a lifetime.

Curve Loving is effortlessly simple, with an uncluttered user interface and elegant design. Over and above the daily content that users can enjoy. Users can be a part of the Movement and Join the Curve Loving Community. Here, they can share their experiences both in the form of an article or speak at set events. That makes the online magazine more than just another “plus-size” online magazine.

Currently, Curve Loving’s founders are focusing their marketing efforts on the African Continent and North America, both hotbeds of leading-edge online magazine development. In the near future, they plan to expand their horizons to include Asia, where social networking and body positivity culture are decidedly on the rise. Curve Loving Pty Ltd. also has events and everyday merchandise in the works that will firm up the company’s position as a pioneer in the body positivity online magazine space.

“Telecommunication and Internet advances continue to make the world a smaller, more familiar place,” concluded Nkosi. “We believe that Curve Loving can be an important tool for anyone who wants to start/grow further on their self-love Journey. “Curve Loving will endeavour to be non-fictional, entertaining yet still informative, at times controversial, but above all valuable. Inside each, issue you will find a combination of motivation, features and regular columns on a wide range of body and beauty-related topics.

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