Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly Oreo showcases South Africa’s favourite celeb stories in its Museum of Joy and Wonder for one night only last night and what an evening it was.

Every now and then, we discover something new or learn something about someone that we never expected, something fun or surprising that evokes an equal amount of joy and wonder…

Similar to this is the NEW Bubbly Oreo, the latest addition to the Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly range, available from August in select stores countrywide.

Expect the same delicious aerated Bubbly we all know, but filled with a layer of Oreo Vanilla Cream and crispy Oreo cookie pieces that melts into a smooth and creamy chocolatey taste you’ll love!
Inspired by a flavour combination that evokes the joy of Cadbury Dairy Milk and the childlike wonder of Oreo biscuits, we embarked on a quest to find out if there were more untold stories of times when joy and wonder collided. We wondered what the colliding result delivered. Was it more joy, more wonder or possibly, a whole new burst of fun?


To unwrap this mystery, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly team asked some of South Africa’s favourite celebrities to share their stories, which we showcased in The Museum of Joy and Wonder to celebrate the launch of the NEW Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly Oreo.

This one-night-only, pop-up gallery, brought together authentic stories with personal mementos curated from PJ Powers, ProVerb, Anele Mdoda, Louise Carver, Martin Rocka, Nomusi Mabena, Danny K, Derek Watts, Sophie Ndaba and Jeremy Mansfield.

One of the joy evoking items displayed was from SA entertainer, ProVerb who shared the story behind his ‘Hustler of the Year’ award at the 2015 SA Hip Hop Awards. “This award gives me joy because it proves that for as long as you work and do your best, the accolades will follow. I love the fact that it was not my music, TV or radio, but for ‘hustler of the year’ which in my mind, reads as an award for everything I do.”

Another moment of joy and wonder was expressed through a letter written to P.J Powers by Nelson Mandela. Power’s said: “The letter I received from Nelson Mandela was one of the most significant moment’s in my career. To hear that Mr. Madiba felt I had made a ‘tremendous impact’ on bringing hope to the youth, during such a turbulent time, was one of the most wonderful things for me to hear. It filled me with joy and gratitude and I have held his letter close to my heart for all these years.


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