Multi-award winning singer, songwriter and producer, TRESOR, will be announced as a High Level Influencer (HLI) for the LuQuLuQu campaign this evening at the launch event at the Four Seasons Hotel, Westcliff. The LuQuLuQu campaign is an initiative of the UN Refugee Agency.

TRESOR’s role as an HLI will include amongst others the advocacy of the struggles and challenges faced by refugees. Being in a unique position of having been a refugee himself, TRESOR makes for the perfect United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) influencer as this is a cause very close to his heart, and he is able to truly empathise with refugees.

“Having been a refugee myself for so many years, I truly understand the struggle for simple basic life needs. To have organisations like the UNHCR on the continent is truly a blessing. I’m honoured that they have identified me as a suitable voice to advocate for refugees on the continent and I look forward to playing a role that can positively affect the lives of refugees,” shares TRESOR.

“Vth Season would like to congratulate TRESOR on his appointment. This was one of the biggest achievements and goals he set for us to acquire for him, and we are proud to have made this happen. TRESOR’s journey as a refugee has truly been an inspirational one and we believe his inclusion as a UN Refugee LuQuLuQu High Level Influencer will inspire others to keep persevering through struggles and challenges,” expresses Raphael Benza of Vth Season.

TRESOR’s announcement as a High Level Influencer for the LuQuLuQu campaign to come this evening, follows his recent field trip to Malawi to visit refugee camps. TRESOR endeavours to take on an active role with the UNHCR and you can follow him and @VthSeason on social media for his various refugee field trips and fund raising initiatives for refugees.

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