Starbucks Reserve® Jamaica Blue Mountain® is making its debut in South African stores from today for a limited time only.

It will retail at R799.00 per bag of 250g.

“Coffee passion comes alive through this exquisite bean. Jamaica Blue Mountain® is a rare commodity and was the first coffee to be sold for over R1000 per kg over a decade ago. Since then, coffee lovers all over the world can’t seem to get enough of this exceptional bean. We are thrilled to finally give South Africans a taste of this sought after bean, says Clive Liversage, Managing Executive for Starbucks in South Africa.

High in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains grow some of the world’s rarest and most exquisite coffee. Shrouded by a blue-tinted mist, these beans are nurtured by blankets of dew and fertile soil, the ideal growing conditions for an extraordinary coffee. The result is a complex beverage that is both balanced and sweet, with a remarkable body for such a refined coffee.

The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica sets meticulous standards for growing, harvesting, and processing their coffee, with each bean inspected, and certified to meet rigorous quality standards before it can earn the Jamaica Blue Mountain name.

Starbucks Reserve® Jamaica Blue Mountain joins two other Starbucks Reserve® coffees in select stores including Rosebank, Mall of Africa, Melrose Arch and Menlyn Maine in Gauteng as well as Starbucks Florida Rd in Durban.

Starbucks Reserve® Jamaica Blue Mountain
Named after the mist that casts a blue-tinged glow over the Jamaican mountainside, this coffee was grown beneath the peak of the 7,400-foot Blue Ridge. The dew, along with plentiful rainfall and fertile soil, helps create ideal growing conditions. With layers of cocoa and citrus, this coffee delivers a complex flavour unique to the mountainside where it grows.

Starbucks Reserve® Uganda Sipi Falls
Sipi Falls is a region in Uganda known for its three majestic waterfalls, considered by some to be divine. The farmers here grow Arabica coffee with diligence and care, committed to constantly improving the quality of the crop. The proof is in the cup: waves of lemon acidity washing into creamy, round caramel notes.

Starbucks Reserve® Honduras La Campa
High in the hills of Honduras, in a deep river valley, the village of La Campa is nestled near the Majestic Montaña de Celaque. This coffee carries notes of currant, plum, and sweet caramel all the way from the historic village of La Campa.

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