As part of 5FM’s continuous strategy to bring youthful South Africans together through the power of music, The Weekender5 presenter Kyle Cassim launched his monthly vlog Cassim’s Kitchen last month. The Facebook Live Stream sees Kyle bring together his two passions – his love for music and food – in one space on the last Thursday of every month between 7pm and 8pm.

The idea was born out of an intimate night with friends, where he cooked and entertained his guests with a live set; Kyle now invites 5FM listeners on a new journey into his kitchen. With invited local guest DJs playing a one hour set live, Kyle has an opportunity to interview his guest while delighting with his culinary ability.

Listeners can expect his next episode this week Thursday, 22 February at 7pm; where Kyle cooks for special guest, legendary dance DJ and music producer Mark Stent.

Kyle says that listeners are interested in what on-air presenters do outside of their shows. “It makes them feel more connected to us, shortens the distance between listener and on-air personality and allows them to see another side of us and what makes us tick. I think allowing people into my personal space also makes them feel like they are my friends,” he says.

5FM’s Station Manager Justine Cullinan says that radio stations are no longer the only space in which you can get your music. “Digital music streaming providers are adept at curating playlists that provide a soundtrack to your mood or an activity that you are engaged in while listening. Cassim’s Kitchen is one of the ways in which 5FM is responding to changing behaviour in terms of how South Africans consume and experience music. This Facebook Live Stream gives the 5FM community an opportunity to cook and listen simultaneously, which harnesses the live and shared experience of radio that is its most powerful asset,” she says.

Cassim’s Kitchen is just another one of the many ways in which 5FM continues to Live Loud, while engaging with its diverse listening community in new and exciting ways.

Tune into on Thursday at 7pm for a glimpse into Cassim’s Kitchen, where viewers can engage with Kyle and have him respond to posted comments and questions on the stream.

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