Choosing the right pad for your flow is sometimes a challenge for many women because there are just so many choices, absorbencies and types available. Kotex is shedding some light on choosing the right Pad or Tampon for you.

What is important to remember is that each and every woman is different. No woman experiences their period the same and because of this it is important for a woman to listen to her body and take note of her own flow. For example, some women say that the first day of their period consists of light spotting but then the next day it is very heavy, while for others the first day might be the heaviest. Some women may also find that their flow increases while they sleep. All of these elements will have an effect on choosing the type of Pad or Tampon that best suits you.

When keeping track of you period it is good to describe your flow in one of three ways: heavy, medium and light. You can also determine your flow by how fast you need to change your product. On regular (medium) days, you should feel the need to change a Pad or Tampon with regular absorbency about every four hours. If four hours pass and you find your Tampon or Pad still mostly white, then that is considered to be a light day, on these days you might want to switch over to a Panty Liner, Pad or Tampon with a light absorbency. If you check your Pad or Tampon before four hours have passed and you need to change it, then this is considered a heavy day and you may want to use a product with maximum absorption.

Your go to pad guide:
Ultra-thin pads: These thin Pads come in normal and super sizes. Normal for the medium or regular flow, super for those heavier days. (This is indicated by the number of ‘drops’ on the packaging). Kotex® Ultra-Thin Pads offer you discretion and 3-in-1 benefits: Protection against leakage, maximum comfort and a perfect fit with your body. Designed with an innovative core for instant absorption and protection against leakage.

Maxi pads: These practical Pads are thicker for heavy flow and are especially useful for the busy woman who is always on the move. Maxi Pads come in normal and super sizes. The Kotex® All Nighter® Pad is just one of the maxi pads that Kotex offers. It has ultimate all-round protection for when you need it most. Designed for maximum comfort, it’s the longest and widest Pad offering back and side leakage protection. Whether you use it day or night, it meets your needs.

Panty-liners: It is very common for women to experience discharge during the day which is why using Panty Liners is a great way to keep fresh and clean daily. Panty Liners are very discreet which makes them perfect for everyday use. The Kotex Liners are designed to be worn with both normal panties and G-Strings. The Kotex design range is individually folded and wrapped for convenience and hygiene, this liner features gorgeous, stylish designs to instantly uplift your mood.
Tampons: Similar to Pads, Tampons are made to absorb your menstrual flow. Kotex has three different sized Tampons; mini Tampons for a light flow, normal Tampons for a medium flow and super for a heavy flow. The Kotex Tampons also have a unique blue ultra-absorbent zone for extra leakage protection, so you never have to worry about any accidents.

Choosing the right Pad for you is all about understanding your flow and how your body works. So next time you are standing in the isle not sure of which Pad to choose just think about your flow and your lifestyle and take it from there.

The Kotex range is available in all major retailers and pharmacies nationwide. For more information on Kotex South Africa visit or connect with us on Facebook

Kotex also answers any questions you may have about periods! Yes, any questions – even the ones you won’t ask your best friend. Just go to the Kotex website, and log into ‘Ask Sister Burgie’. It’s that easy!

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