Much like most people I am honestly not a fan of bad odours, let alone having to deal with them in your sanctified bedroom space. So for me nappy bins aka disposal nappy systems have always been a huge NO NO for me.

Then the Korbell happened….

So after getting my hands on a brand new Korbell, I was skeptical like I was in the past (first one i tried 6 years ago was definitely not odorless after the third day and needed replacement bags all the time (which are also super expensive).

After endless sleepless nights with my newborn followed by having to walk to the outside dirt bin to dispose of the rather smelly poo nappy (she is on formula) at weird hours of the morning, I decided to try it out. I mean it was 6 years later so surely there have been advances.

I haven’t looked back since the day I opened that box and opened my pretty Korbell.


On their Facebook page, the Korbell claims their Nappy Disposal System hosts a triple-sealing system to ensure odour-free nappy disposal. I put it to the test by placing daily poo and pee nappies in the bin for a whole week and to be utter surprise NO SMELL whatsoever. I kid you not, there was no smell at all.

Next I worried about hygiene and getting germs from the other dirty nappies. No problem for Korbell. You simply use the foot pedal to open the unit’s lid so your hands never touch the unit. The nappy goes into the bin and wrapped in a biodegradable disposable bag which are dispensed via an easy-to-load cartridge at the bottom. Never was it easier!

My side kid, the older brother has taken on the job of nappy carrier cos he loves the process so much. And I don’t have to worry about germs.

The Korbell system eliminates the need for frequent emptying of the unit by storing more nappies than most disposal units on the market. Disposal is quick and easy, as is installation of refill cartidges.

And lastly its quiet pretty in the corner of my bedroom. Korbell can stay.

Thanks Korbell for making my life so  much easier.


For more info check them out http://www.korbell.co.za




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