Friday night dinner tends to be an interesting topic of discussion for most families.  The usual dilemma, kids are shouting for takeaways, but Mom wants something home-cooked to enjoy in front of the TV.  So, Moms, it’s time to let McCain add joy to your Friday night plans so you can Make It Yours.

Takeaway meals are always cold by the time they arrive at the door and never taste quite like Mom’s home cooking. The solution is simple.

Takeaway-style food made at home by mom with love. It’s fresher, better and hotter than takeaways.  Nothing tastes better than Mom’s cooking on a Friday night.

Friday nights are all about sharing delicious meals prepared by Mom, and with the McCain potato range, you can create your own convenient takeaway-style home-cooked meals for the whole family to enjoy.

You’ve survived a busy week, and its finally Friday, time for the weekend.  We don’t want your Friday celebrations to be ruined by standing in the kitchen the whole evening and missing out on the family fun.  With the McCain potato chip range in your freezer, it’s easy to whip up something delicious in just under 10 minutes. McCain is perfect for Friday as the products are easy, convenient and delicious.

From an enjoyable Spykos meal with juicy Russians and cheese using McCain Spykos Fries, to an all-time favourite cheese burger and chips with McCain Skinny French Fries, it’s easy to make it yours with these quick and easy takeaway style meals.  Other takeaway favorites that you and your family can enjoy at home are fish and chips made with McCain Traditional Slap Chips or a firm favourite, steak, egg and chips using McCain Crispy Oven Chips.

“At McCain we know that cooking for her family is a Mom’s priority and joy.  We also know that Friday nights should be about fun family time together.  Our ‘Make It Yours” campaign is all about celebrating Moms who are always doing their best, who come out smiling and who put their families’ needs first, always.  We want to give you back your Friday nights with a few tips on how you to create those delicious family favourites, that are hotter and better than takeaways, and spend quality time with your family”, says Deolinda Da Costa, Marketing Manager, McCain South Africa.

Moms, Friday nights are now your time to #MakeItYours with McCain

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