Edgars has been taking creative expression to all new heights lately, thrilling South African fashionistas with a call to “own the look” in their own individual ways. And the next big thing to come from the fashion retail giant is nothing less than a multi-sensorial winter fashion show with some of the most creatively influential people in SA.

In collaboration with E! Entertainment, Edgars is creating an exclusive red carpet showcase of immersive winter expressions in an explosion of colour and culture. In this unique launch of the Edgars winter range across all key categories, scenes from a South African winter will unfold on the ramp through a high fashion lens that celebrates how we as South Africans, in all our diverse sub-cultures, experience winter in different ways.

The creative details of this multi-sensorial production are being kept tightly under wraps, but we’ve managed to gather just enough information to get you excited.

Here’s what you need to know…

SA’s hottest celebs, creators of influence and media personalities will be in attendance.

The event is in collaboration with E! Entertainment, which means exclusive interviews with SA’s most fashion forward and influential people.

Joining us on the red carpet and making sure that we get the scoop on all things trendy and high fashion will be none other than the irresistible Kat Sinivasan and the ever so captivating Roxy Burger. Kat will also be the official host for the fashion show with Roxy hosting the live stream, which will be available to view on the Edgars YouTube channel.

Entertainment will include performances by Sho Madjozi and DJ Arch. Catering will be provided by Vicky Crease who is creating a 5 star designer menu, which promises to touch on all the senses.

And of course, it’s all about firsts, the latest winter trends and fashion, fashion, fashion! 

This 5-star fashion show, titled “Breaking out of winter” is set to take place on the 27th of March at the Edgars store in Sandton City. 

The fashion show will showcase both local labels and international brands including Guess, Calvin Klein, Sissy Boy, Levi’s, Soviet, jXchange, Kelso, Free2bu, Signature, and Stone Harbour.

All winter looks will be available to online shoppers the day after the show, and will be rolled out into Edgar’s stores nationwide as the winter months approach.

The entire concept, from the winter fashion show to the streaming is a first for Edgars. Edgars CEO Mike Elliott says, “As a brand, we promised our fans that we would show up differently for them, that we would ignite their self-expression, that we would champion their own authenticity, that we would unite fashion and culture, and this … we promise … is winter as you’ve never seen it before.”

So forget what you know about winter. The couches, the cuddles, the duvet covers. Forget it all. Edgars is turning the season on its head, transforming it into your very own stepping stone to self-expression … because what does the weather have on us anyways?

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