Paper planes rain down the hollow centre of the iconic Ponte building, sparking the imagination and inspiring a sense of wonder. It’s a spectacular sight, but each one carries a hard-hitting message – that South Africa is home to 3.7 million orphaned children, many of whom don’t have something as simple as a paper plane, to play with.

How, then, are we supposed to inspire what could easily become a lost section of South African society to be hopeful, happy and passionate if they have never felt the warmth of generosity?

In light of this statistic, Cadbury Dairy Milk will aim to help South Africans take a step towards showing these children that they are cared for and that their delight and development matters.

Generosity isn’t about simply giving for giving’s sake – it’s a feeling driven by genuinely and selflessly wanting to improve someone else’s situation. It’s ‘a glass & a half’ where a glass would simply ‘do’. 

And because Cadbury Dairy Milk believes there’s a glass & a half in everyone, we will be inviting South Africans soon to show their generous spirit by donating toys to orphans through The Little Generosity Shops,nationwide. Here generosity will become a currency and Cadbury Dairy Milk will gratefully exchange a chocolate for each donation of toys.

“In a world with so many seemingly-impossible problems, it’s heart-warming to remember that the simplest act can make a huge difference in someone’s life,” says Lara Sidersky, Mondelez SA Category Lead for Chocolate. “We know that there’s a glass & a half in every South African and we’re asking them to embrace that spirit in helping make a difference in the lives of many children who very rarely have the opportunity to experience true happiness”.

You can watch the video here.

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