Life’s pressures can often lead to stress, burn out and very little time to slow down. In 2015, a study released by Bloomberg reported South Africans as the second most stressed society in the world. 

With pressures of modern life like increasing time constraints, shrinking of roaming spaces and technology, children and adults are missing out on a vital aspect of their development: PLAY. 

Unilever 2017 research found that the average child around the world spends less time outdoors than a maximum security prisoner. Watch video here

Even though experts agree that there are multiple and wide-ranging benefits associated with the use of technology in our daily lives, ‘screen time’ is perceived to be a key barrier to getting families outdoors. Nearly eight out of ten parents (78 per cent) admit that their children often refuse to play without some form of technology being involved.

Following a deep dive into how to best deliver and advocate the importance of play, OMO South Africa took to reverse the play deficit amongst consumers and families with the OMO 3x Power Challenge. 

To bring to life the functional properties of the new and improved OMO Auto’s capsules, OMO collaborated with media personalities and social influencers Loot Love Shosha (representing Fresh), Janez Vermeiren ( representing Tough Stains) and YouTube parenting sensation Aisha O’Rilley (representing Care for your fabrics) as the A-Team to showcase the 3 X Power.

Realising the various characteristics and dynamics that make up each family unit, OMO sought partnerships with personalities who embodied the key characteristics of the product. New mom and trendsetter LootLove Shosha was chosen for her attitude and unique take on lifestyle. As a household brand Janez Vermeiren personifies the tough stains dad who encourages outdoor play and activity that we champion. Aisha’ O’Rilley, gave the campaign a textured layer of caring experience showcasing the lessons parents teach children and in turn learn from kids.

In building a campaign that is intent on showcasing the convenience of the product to a busy life and further advocating less time washing and more time playing, OMO SA took to JOZI X to build a challenge depicting the worst day. 

Influencer partners took to their social media platforms to rally up followers to build the ultimate team to help them win the “worst day” OMO 3XPower challenge on May 25. The challenge was a 2-hour obstacle course laced with muddy boobytraps and lessons that encouraged teamwork and all the fun adults forget as we navigate our careers, family and social lives.

Teams partook in paintball archery tag, battle rush endurance course, 1k field run and a slippery slope into very muddy waters, exemplifying that dirt really is good! Families and spectators bore witness to real play-in-action for adults and kids. They saw the unstructured, creative and imaginative ways teams tried to beat each other to the finish line. Most importantly, the positive impacts of the social and emotional interaction between the teams, the brand and its consumers came to life. 

The 3x Power Challenge helped OMO shed the light on how important what we consider a frivolous and unproductive waste of time can improve our mood and encourage connections, whilst showing the goodness and importance of dirt in building healthy societies. The OMO 3X Power Challenge proved that opportunities for play are abound. Don’t let the prospect of looking silly be the stumbling block to a healthier less stressed life. Allow the dirt to free you up and let OMO take care of your laundry.

Something DIRT Is Good! 

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