SAs the no 1 Lipstick brand in South Africa, Avon is kicking off the annual National Lipstick Month.  On July 8 Avon will celebrate the beauty and power of a classic, simple and must-have beauty item in every woman’s wardrobe.

The National Lipstick Month also seeks to reaffirm the company’s respect for animal welfare and its commitment to the philosophy of not conducting animal testing to substantiate the safety of its products. Avon was the first major cosmetics company to end animal testing nearly 30 years ago.

As part of this month-long campaign, customers at large will be challenged to do a number of fun activities that accentuate their beauty, including posting a selfie every day with a different shade for 21 days, on Avon social platforms and tagging @AvonSouthAfrica.  Five participants in the National Lipstick Month stand a chance to win a set of 50 shades of lipsticks.

Avon beauty entrepreneurs have not been left out – during the Avon Justine National Lipstick Month, there are competitions that are directed at them which have been communicated with them. 

“We are exciting to be embarking on another edition of the Avon National Lipstick Month. This initiative reminds us of our commitment to look after the welfare of animals and the importance of lipstick as a basic item that every woman needs. As a socially responsible company, respect for the welfare of animals is the cornerstone of our company’s product safety philosophy.

On a lighter note, the National Lipstick Month is a good reminder that while some things in life should stay the same, lipstick doesn’t have to be one of them. We hope that women across the country will take this opportunity to liberate their lips and shake off the winter blues by adding a dash of colour this season,” says Bridget Bhengu, Corporate Communications Director. 

Consumers can order their lipstick from their independent Representatives, or can make their purchase online at or via the AvonON app.

As testament of its commitment to animal welfare, Avon Justine has partnered with like-minded partners to supports the development of alternatives to beauty testing. This includes membership of the Institute of InVitro Sciences, Centre for Alternatives to Animal Testing at the John Hopkins University, Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments, European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing and Cosmetics Europe and the Personal Care Products Council.

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