L’Oréal Paris recently introduced the NEW RAPID REVIVER DEEP CONDITIONER into the market so I just had to try it out.

As we know that beauty and self-care are the obsession in every woman’s routine. We need it all and we need it now, and it’s the same when it comes to hair care. Often we must sacrifice results in order to save precious minutes.

Normal conditioners are fast and convenient for daily use, but they don’t deliver the deepest level of care for dry and damaged locks.

Masks on the other hand, work harder — nourishing and repairing more deeply, increasing shine and making styling easier — but they need several minutes to work.

And who has time for that in this instanteous world we live in?

So L’Oréal Paris created a new reviver that brings together the best of a conditioner and a mask into a powerful new technology. They combine the quick-use advantages of conditioner with the intensive properties of a mask, L’Oréal Paris pushes scientific expertise further with new Elvive Rapid Reviver, its first ever deep conditioner. And its results are really that fast.

The Elvive Rapid Reviver delivers double the care than a classic conditioner for a rapid hair transformation. It instantly bonds with the fibre to revive and repair, with no leave-in time needed! Hair is revived, incredibly soft, shiny, free- flowing and with no weigh down, for every day use.

This Rapid Reviver joined my already much loved hair product famil. Retailing for just under R100, it’s a must have for all ladies on the go…

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