The rain might be clearing up but its still chilly at the Teatro at Montecasino.

From the 6th of December to the 11th of January, the world’s premier theatrical ice skating company, The Imperial Ice Stars, return to South Africa with a brand-new show PETER PAN ON ICE.

Take a journey to Neverland in this classic tale of magic and make-believe, spectacularly staged on real ice.

With performances on Tue – Fri @ 7:30pm, Sat @ 3pm & 7:30pm, Sun @ 2pm & 5:30pm, PETER PAN ON ICE is perfect for the kids too. Tickets available at 

Anyway lets look at these awesome ICE facts so you know what exactly to expect: 


44 people tour with the show including performers, technicians and a doctor with a further 17 people required in each venue.

 6 languages are spoken on tour, with rehearsals and notes given mainly in Russian and the backstage crew speaking mainly in English.

 The performers rehearse 9 or more hours a day, 6 days a week, for 7 weeks to pull the show together, and they rehearse for 3 hours each day before the show.

There have been 5 weddings and 3 babies from people who have met whilst on tour with the Imperial Ice Stars.


25 pairs of skates and 50 sets of blades are carried with the troupe on tour.

To freight the whole show is approx. 25,000kg or equivalent of 70 grand pianos.

During a year, our flying pieces on stage will move approx 27,000m during shows.


14 tonnes of ice are created in the production – the same weight as nearly 3 elephants.

2,500 litres of anti-freeze are used – enough to fill 100 car cooling systems.

The ice reaches temperatures of minus 15 degrees C, three times colder than your household freezer.

We use 15km of pipes underneath the ice rink to distribute the anti-freeze.

In a theatre, the ice rink takes over 140 man-hours to build but only 30 man-hours to dismantle.

The show always requests a hot water supply when “dressing” the ice rink because hot water freezes quicker than cold, the Mpemba effect.

In the last year during our show dismantling, there have been approximately 26,500 shovelfuls of ice deposited from the stage.

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