Victory belongs to those who preserver! After 10 years of silence locally produced female group from Pietermartizburg Kwazulu Natal – Zakithi, are breaking the music scene, with a music video release of their hit song ‘Ukiss.’ 

Zakithi is 3 female group that was formed by Mr Ndela Nelson Ntshangase in the early 90’s in Piertermartizburg KwaZulu Natal in a township called Imbali.

When composing songs for Zakithi, Ntshangase would sit at home with his daughters, grab his guitar and they would sing along as he composed and arranged the notes and this is how Zakithi was born in 1995.

Since then the Zakithi brand has grown and evolved along the years. Gugu Mkhize is the longest standing member of Zakithi followed by Phakamile Ntshangase and Yithi Zulu (who are Ndela Ntshangase’s daughters). 

After close to 10 years of hitiaus the group is now ready to re-introduce their music. Zakithi have recorded 5 Albums along the years – ISITHEMBU, BAXOLELENI, NGINCANYWA YIZO, UKISS and COSOLOLO.  Amoungst these albulms where hits songs that Zakithi will be reintroducing to the market, starting with “uKiss”.

Zakithi’s music is timeless and appeals to people of diffents ages. Our genre is also very unique and for years people could not box it, so we coined our own genre and called it Mzansi” says Zakithi group member Yithi Zulu.  

Zakithi has an audience following that has supported their music along the years. They’ve  performed at numerous cities and events mainly in KwaZulu Natal and have enjoyed frequent radio airplay of their songs – iLobolo, Wazewamuhle South Africa and Ukiss. 

Zakithi would like to acknowledge Martha Zuma and Badumile Ngcobo who were the early members of Zakithi when it was established, both left the group but their voices lived on. 

To view “Ukiss” Music Video please click on the below link:

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