Hairstyles form an integral part of our identity. They serve an essential role in shaping who we are and who we want to be.

The celebration of hair, in all its beautiful and varied forms, has the profound power to help build each person’s individuality in a nation as diverse as ours.

Hair isn’t just hair; it is an extension of our personality and a form of creative expression.

For centuries, women and men have been able to use different hairstyles to transform themselves and build their self-esteem.

Almost all cultures around the world place significance on how people wear their hair, and this is also true in South Africa. South Africa has threading and plaiting techniques, among others, that are unique and allow us to express our originality.

Hairstyles such as Bantu Knots can be traced back as far as 1898, and over the years have received international recognition.

We Are Hair

True to the spirit of the country, We Are Hair is an all-inclusive hair hub live on Instagram and Facebook that seeks to showcase the innate beauty of our hair by creating a community where all hair types, hairstyles, colours and trends are celebrated.

The content-driven hub is developing hairstyling and hair care tips for the South African consumer and hair enthusiast. The platform will be a place to highlight the beauty of everyday hair and also to be inspired by amazing hairstyles, tips and tricks with products consumers can buy in all major retailers.

Hair enthusiasts will receive localised hair content that is tailored to their individual hair interests as well as a mix of styling preferences. Drawing inspiration from Heritage month, We Are Hair has launched their “Hairitage” campaign – a campaign that encourages people to tell their ‘hairitage’ stories, in celebration of their roots.

Hairitage Campaign

Every year in September, South Africans celebrate the melting pot that is their diverse cultural heritage.

The “Hairitage” campaign honours the creativity and diversity that South African hair and hairstyles embody. Beauty and style are often passed down from parents to their daughters and sons, this campaign celebrates our individual hair stories, and the hairstyles that we all know and love, that represent our heritage.

Key hair influencers such as Sinovuyo Mondliwa, Nonzwakazi Gambushe, Rushana Isaacs, and Jessica van Heerden have lent their voices to the campaign as part of this exciting partnership. Their collective drive to further an inclusive hair movement in the country is one that both the brand and the influencers share.

The Hair Care and Depilatories Brand Manager at Tiger Brands, Milandrea Subramani asserts that Every root has a story and We Are Hair, and it’s supporting brands such as Perfect Touch, Kair, and Black Silk, are celebrating your individuality expressed through your hair and asking people to embrace their roots. We wanted to create a positive platform to build hair love, and to redefine the narrative around hair care and styling”.

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