What is better than KFC’s crispy, hand-cut, golden chips? KFC Spicy Chips seasoned with a TABASCO® Pepper Sauce flavour of course!

KFC have collaborated with the world’s favourite pepper sauce, the hot sauce that started it all – TABASCO® Sauce – to introduce its limited-edition Spicy Chips offering – the perfect snack. This collaboration of the world’s favourite bold hot pepper sauce and everyone’s favourite fried chicken brand, KFC, is likely to get temperatures rising across Mzansi.

KFC is continuously striving to remain innovative through products that consumers will love, and Spicy Chips seasoned with TABASCO® Pepper Sauce flavour is no exception. “To stay ahead, we constantly innovate while staying true to our Original Recipe. We like to change things up for the consumer, giving them variety that taps into their preferences,” says Suhayl Limbada, Marketing Director for KFC South Africa. “Research released last year shows that South Africans prefer spicier flavours and this rings true to our own research, hence our very popular Zinger range of products and now Spicy Chips.”

Flavoured with a TABASCO® Pepper Sauce seasoning, there’s not much you won’t love about Spicy Chips! “They pack a punch but are definitely for everyone – nothing a little milk can’t fix,” laughs Limbada. “In fact, for the first time, we think that this flavour profile actually changes the chip game – from a side dish to a whole snack! However, as a responsible business, we have to warn consumers about just how moreish these chips are.”

Seriously spicy and seriously delicious, the KFC Spicy Chips seasoned with TABASCO® Pepper Sauce flavour is available for a limited time only (16 February – 29 March) across the country for R14,90.

Disclaimer: New KFC Spicy Chips seasoned with TABASCO® Pepper Sauce flavour are incredibly moreish. One bite, and there’s a chance you’ll be hooked for life. While KFC is a registered chip provider, we will not be held liable for any strange behaviour that may result from eating KFC’s Spicy Chips, including, but not limited to, red-stained fingers, obsessive thought patterns, hot sweats, interference with personal relationships and secretive trips through the KFC Drive-Thru.

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