With World Baking Day day around the corner, it’s almost time to celebrate the love, joy and enjoy the creativity that comes from making baked goodies. Counting down to May 16th.

Baking is more than simply making food or delicacies, sometimes it’s that extra loving touch that shows someone, you care. GLAD is here to show you how much we care about the food you create with GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper.

GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper with 20% better non-stick performance, eliminates the need to grease cake tins, baking trays and pans, enabling you to cook with less mess and no oil or butter. It’s a healthy way of cooking and it can withstand temperatures of up to 230°C making it ideal for use in both microwave and convection ovens.

Here are some great tips to help you get the most out of your GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper:When crushing biscuits or cornflakes for pie crusts or coating, do it between two sheets of GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper as there will be less mess to tidy up afterwards.Lay down GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper to work on and avoiding mess if you’re putting icing on cookies or cakes.Make chocolate dipped strawberries and refrigerate on a plate or tray lined with GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper so they don’t stick to the plate.Line dessert moulds with GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper to prevent cake or dessert from sticking or for an interesting, patterned effect.Bake goods in bulk, portion and then freeze in GLAD Zip Seal Resealable Freezer Bags. This helps reduce food waste.

See the delicious Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe below:

Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies
 Ingredients180g dark chocolate80ml fresh creamYour favourite choc-chip cookie dough recipe

How to do it

1. Make a chocolate ganache by melting the dark chocolate pieces and cream together until smooth.

2. Allow to cool in the fridge for 5 minutes.Roll your cookie dough into balls and place on a baking tray lined with Glad Bake & Cooking Paper.

3. Bake according to your recipe.Fold a small piping bag out of Glad Bake & Cooking Paper, fill with the ganache and snip off the tip.

4. While the cookies are still hot and soft, fill with a small amount of chocolate ganache.

All GLAD products are made for your convenience with the purpose of keeping your food fresh for longer. GLAD – Saving good food. From going bad.

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