Pampers South Africa believes that the celebration of motherhood should extend far beyond the traditional gifts and spoils that we are accustomed to seeing on Mother’s Day. This year, they have partnered with MamaMagic in leading a campaign that not only acknowledges the value of mothers but celebrates the very essence of who they are and what they do.

Maternal figures are central to the lives of children, but they also form part of a vast female support network that encompasses grandmothers, aunts, cousins, older sisters, mentors, friends, housekeepers, nannies, and more. “Mothers are central to the ecosystem of a home and fundamental to the thriving, nurturing macro ecosystem of the broader community. The Pampers campaign focuses on the importance of self-care for new mothers but also aims to empower them in a practical sense as they embark on their journey of motherhood,” says Damilola Oyebanjo, BD, Baby Care, P&G South Africa

The campaign conceptualised and executed by parenting industry experts, Exposure Marketing runs throughout May and comprises a range of digital activations, and a radio activation where mothers can stand a chance to win cash prizes.

On Mother’s Day, popular parenting bloggers and influencers released a special message to mothers from all walks of life, celebrating the key roles they play in our lives. At the heart of this messaging is the recognition of the magical journey that mothers travel in life. This is a journey for which nothing can fully prepare a new mom – a unique journey filled with indescribable love and joy, countered at times by challenges and hardships that only a mother’s strength can withstand.

There is also a series of influencer-led discussions happening across Facebook and Instagram that aim to inspire and empower mothers dealing with challenging real-life situations. One-on-one honest conversations around sensitive topics such as single-parent families, adoption and the realities of dealing with disabled children. This encourages moms to embrace and step up to any situation they find themselves in.Working towards being their “best selves” enables them, by extension, to become the “best moms” they can be.

The final part of the campaign consists of practical instructional videos from field experts across a range of relevant topics such as mental wellbeing, essential skills for new mothers and the importance of movement. These videos are a pragmatic approach to further empowering mothers on their journeys.

“The role of mothers is too vast to celebrate in a single day or even one month, but we hope that the conversations started by this campaign will highlight the significance and value of the journey of motherhood, says Projeni Pather, MD of Exposure Marketing.

Pampers, Celebrating Moms campaign runs until Monday 31 May 2021

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