We know how much kids love Play-Doh, but we also know there are some truths parents just can’t get past. Like how the bright array of Play-Doh colours morphs into a brown blob within minutes.

Or when the expectation doesn’t quite match the reality!

If you nodded yes to the above, trust us when we say messy or mixed, there’s no wrong way to play with Play-Doh because just like life its messy, fun and wonderful!

Its Play-Doh’s 65th birthday and to celebrate Play-Doh is RESHAPING THE RULES!

So next time you’re concerned that the kids are playing with Play-Doh the wrong way remember that the simple act of rolling, squishing, moulding Play-Doh has a myriad of developmental benefits!

Kids have the freedom to explore and be curious without worrying about right or wrong answers, which encourages original ideas and imaginative thinking. They have the opportunity to learn about their world through touch, sight and smell and allows for tactile exploration. The hands-on nature of Play-Doh compound can help reinforce fine motor skills and encourage development of hand-eye coordination. Mixing colours drives exploration and colour identification.

Children are born curious, so even if hours of play result in nothing more than rolled out lumps of Play-Doh – the freedom to explore offers kids time to express themselves creatively whatever that looks like for them.

So Reshape The Rules with Play-Doh and get lost in the fun of creative Play-Doh play! #Playdoh65th

Play-Doh is also introducing more ways to enjoy the fun with the launch of two new Play-Doh Playsets.

The latest Play-Doh Drill ‘n Fill Dentist. Even if it can be a little scary to go to the dentist, kids can take control and play pretend dentist with this Play- Doh playset. They can make the patient stick out his Play-Doh tongue, then use the toy tooth mould to create a whole row of Play-Doh teeth at once. Start drillin’ and fillin’ with the hand-powered toy drill and syringe extruder tool. Cavity-coloured modelling compound has green speckles to look like the patient has gunk in his teeth, and gold and silver Play-Doh colours make great braces and fillings. With a total of 10 toy dental tools and 8 non-toxic Play-Doh cans, this toy dentist kit makes a great activity or gift for kids 3 years and up!

All styles are welcome at the Play-Doh barbershop! Play-Doh Crazy Cuts Stylist for kids 3 years and up gives them lots of ways to play pretend hairdresser and give the “customer” the most creative hairstyles they can imagine. See how long you can make the Play-Doh hair grow by adding as much modelling compound as you can! Change up the shape and thickness of the pretend hair with the toy styling head attachments. 8 tri-colour cans each have 3 colours inside for lots of combinations. Kids will also love using the Play-Doh scissors and pretend razor to give the customer a Play-Doh haircut and start all over again! This Play-Doh playset makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or any other creative occasion

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Play-Doh is available from Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us, ToyZone, and other major retailers.

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