W-Suite held a Friendsgiving this month in October, whereby women from all walks of life came together to pay gratitude to their bonds of friendship and the importance of consistent companionship. 

The W-Suite movement is dedicated to empowering and uplifting the voices and opinions of women. The Friendsgiving event highlighted how female friends are not side-shows in our lives, but vital connections that influence our daily choices. 

Katie Mohamed, founder and CEO if W-Suite said, “We often experience a “pull-her-down syndrome” in female friendships. We’re so quick to undermine the achievements of our friends in an effort to make our achievements seem somehow more important. And it’s not productive. The more we are grateful for, and supportive of, our friendships, the more empowered we will all be.” 

The event celebrated gratitude by pampering the attendees at Mangwanani Spa at the Palazzo Hotel at Montecasino – not only a metaphor for the theme itself, but also mimetic of the feeling of intimacy and closeness – and the rewards that solidarity amongst women can consistently provide.  

As W-Suite continues to strive for gender equality and a strong female economy, Katie Mohamed noted that “We are not only pulling up a chair for women at the table, we are also thanking them for joining the conversation.”

For more information on how to get involved visit www.wsuite.co.za as well as  like and follow W-Suite’s social media platforms: 

Facebook: W-Suite ZA  

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