For those girls who grew up watching My Little Pony, a new generation of My Little Pony characters have joined the family.

Unicorns, Pegasus, and Earth Ponies unite! Get to know an unexpected group of friends on a mission to bring magic back to the world of My Little Pony: A New Generation. 

Having recently reach #1 in 86 countries including SA on the kids section, the Netflix movie is already a fav in our house.

If you haven’t yet seen the latest movie get ready for a fun watch party and join the Mane 5, who through their friendships, creativity, confidence, hope, courage and kindness embark on new adventures together.

Amplifying all the wonderful values embodied in the original My Little Pony family, the new generation continue this tradition, while encouraging children to proudly share their unique magic and fearlessly pursue and celebrate bold, inclusive friendships.  Helping kids to #FindYourSparkle is the pony way!

So let’s meet the next generation

  • SUNNY STARSCOUT is curious, adventurous, and determined to make the world a better place – embodying the value of Hope!
  • IZZY MOONBOW is an energetic unicorn who loves crafting, creating, and sparkles. Her ingenuity has gotten her pony friends out of a few ‘sticky situations’ – Creatively using imagination to uniquely express yourself personifies Izzy.
  • HITCH TRAILBLAZER is dedicated to helping Everypony in Maretime Bay as their caring sheriff. He’s dependable and a loyal friend – epitomising Kindness!
  • ZIPP STORM is the rebellious and athletic daredevil princess of Zephyr Heights and Pipp’s older sister – being brave enough to be your authentic self is the essence of Courage.
  • PIPP PETALS is the stylish and talented pop star princess of Zephyr Heights – her Confidence allows her to be brave enough to try new things and challenge herself to new adventures.

Which My Little Pony are you? Take this fun QUIZ  now and find your sparkle!

To celebrate all things new, toy manufacturer Hasbro has release a new a range of My Little Pony A new Generation to help kids recreate the  fun at any time!

  • The 15-cm Singing Star Princess Petals (Pipp) pink pony figure sports a character-inspired music note Cutie Mark. The articulated figure’s soft purple hair is curled in her signature style. She also features music and movement. Press her Cutie Mark to hear her sing part of her song, “Glowing Up” and squeeze her back legs together to make her beautiful, fuzzy wings flap up and down.
  • Create your own stories with Sparkling Story Scenes sets! Each set comes with a 7-cm  articulated pony figure with moulded hair and over 25 character-inspired accessories for storytelling moments and customisation. Sets also come with a story scene backdrop inspired by the My Little Pony: A New Generation movie. Look for Story Scenes Izzy Moonbow and Sunny Starscout toys for kids ages 5+ (Each sold separately & subject to availability).
  • You watched the movie, now collect all the best friends for the ultimate pony party at home! Each 7-cm pony features character-inspired colours, hair styles, and Cutie Marks. Collect all the ponies and imagine movie-inspired stories with friends (Each sold separately. Subject to availability).

Find all the latest My Little Pony: A New Generation at leading retailers (subject to availability) including:, Toys R Us, ToyZone, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, Checkers Hypers & selected Checkers store, Makro and Importatoy.

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