The SLOW LIFE is a creative communication platform, co-founded and conceptualised by The Allure Group SA and VS Luxury Group.  At the heart of The SLOW LIFE is the importance we place on slowing down from the mindless, detaching momentarily from the rat race and the hustle-and-bustle of modern living and appreciating and soaking in life’s little pleasures. The SLOW LIFE is not about living in slow motion, as the name can easily be mistaken, but rather it is about reclaiming your tranquillity and making meaningful connections — be it with people, culture, work, nature, or with your body and mind.

It is an alternative lifestyle and entertaining choice. It is underpinned by prioritising living your life according to your values, rather than taking the fast lane to the end of your life.  When it comes to family and friends, we believe in quality over quantity, in doing things authentically and intentionally.  The SLOW LIFE is an alternative to our new obsession with speed, and it works to counter fast life.  The idea isn’t about literally moving in slow motion, but about taking a step out of the fast-paced modern racetrack so one can work out which things actually matter to us (including the global us), and make sure most of our time is spent on those.   

Please note the following important information regarding the booking process: 

  • The event will take place at an open air area in Johannesburg, the exact parking address will be released closer to time
  • Bookings will be deemed as confirmed upon receipt of proof of payment 
  • No refunds 30 days before the event

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