Fresh grape meets invigorating guarana in the NEW Count Pushkin Energy Infused-Grape Flavour. Are you ready to play?

The NEW Count Pushkin Energy Infused­-Grape is a delicious, grape-flavoured drink with the natural energy of guarana and caffeine, perfect for a playful boost.

Count Pushkin is all about living with colour, being bold, vibrant and most of all – playful, and the NEW energising addition to the Count Pushkin family shows up in TASTE, SHINE, MOVE and PLAY.

“If purple had a taste, this would be it,” says Brand Manager, Maisha Mamabolo. “The lustrous design is in line with the ever-changing consumer tastes and trends, with a stunning aesthetic, bringing a new energy and keeping the spirit of play alive,” he adds.

It is a first-to-market energy-infused spirit featuring natural guarana and a nostalgic pop of fresh grape which is best enjoyed as a cold shooter or over ice with lemonade or soda water.

The NEW Count Pushkin Energy Infused-Grape is available at major liquor retailers nationwide for just R R99.95 per bottle.

Visit Count Pushkin’s social media pages using @countpushkinvodka and follow #MadeToPlay so you don’t miss a beat!

Count Pushkin supports responsible drinking. Alcohol is not for persons under the age of 18 years.

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