Known for stirring creativity in all its forms, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® is once again living up to its reputation by partnering with Cape Town-based illustrator and founder of the Yay Abe studio, Russell Abrahams.

His inspiration for creating limited edition Create A Stir x Yay Abe Gift Packs was guided by the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® art of botanicals approach, highlighting the gin’s four flavour profiles: citrus, floral, herbal, and spicy notes.

Yeshene Singh, Country Manager, Bacardi South Africa said, “We make this tantalising gin by using 10 botanicals sourced sustainably from across the world. Our spirit of innovation and inspiration is embodied in how we make our gin and in empowering consumers to express themselves through various creative avenues. This mindset makes Russell the perfect fit for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®. He is a young South African who uses his creativity to inspire other up-and-coming individuals. He stirs creativity within others, showing them that possibilities are endless.”
Abrahams’ bold designs and unmistakable graphics are an extension of his personality, as he is a playful and vibrant character. His collections have consistently proven to be uplifting and inspirational, a trait he maintained even before collaborating with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®.
The Create A Stir x Yay Abe gift packs are just as daring as all of his previous renowned designs, and they creatively tell the story of how BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® is crafted using 10 botanicals, resulting in rich and aromatic flavours. South Africa’s varied culture and heritage inspired the illustrator to come up with the gift packs’ appealing designs. Abrahams used the gift packs as a blank canvas, expressing how BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® unlocks limitless possibilities of flavour, in turn encouraging gin enthusiasts to create their own perfectly balanced and personal cocktails.
“The inspiration for the gift packs stems from the unique balance of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE’S® taste profile and its botanicals, which has citrus, floral, herbal, and spicy notes. The idea was to merge the flavours, and this resulted in a regal design, befitting the gin. The design patterns are inspired by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® botanicals, which is why they are luxurious, contemporary, and playful at the same time,” he noted.
“The artwork represents the versatility of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®, a gin that does not lean towards one overpowering taste or flavour and it opens up so many possibilities – with creativity in the glass and beyond. If you look closely at the artwork, the botanicals are being passed around from one person to another. After all, creativity is so much more fun when it’s shared with loved ones. That’s the one message I’d like to send out this festive season,” he added.
Create A Stir x Yay Abe limited edition gift packs are available on, or at Makro Stores, Tops at Spar, Pick N Pay Liquor, and Checkers Liquor Stores nationwide, while stocks last.

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