The call to give more voices in the publishing industry a platform has been heard and that gap in the market closed. That Food Guy Shop®, a division of That Food Guy Group®, is the new home for local and international publications, long format and short format cookbooks, food news and much more.

So often talented people miss opportunities merely because they are not given a voice or platform to use their voice. This Proudly South African eCommerce platform has addressed that need with the release of short format cookbooks penned by new authors from around South Africa which are exclusively available from That Food Guy Shop® in digital and print form.

Dale Herbst, the visionary behind the That Food Guy Group® has this to say about the brand’s latest expansion: “That Food Guy Shop® is proof that the power of a dream and vision can come to fruition with hard work, determination, patience and a positive attitude.

I am so humbled and proud to be working with the Proudly South African content creators we have commissioned to execute phase one of our short format book strategy. This content layer forms an important part of That Food Guy Shop®, although the platform also includes long format recipe books, a food news channel as well as a pantry and recipes.”

That Food Guy Shop® & News is pioneering curated short format books and will represent the South African food and beverage landscape with relevant, engaging and entertaining food content. The goal is to inspire food curious South Africans to support local authors by sharing in the joy of cooking and conversation.

Expansion already afoot

With their headquarters at 73 Juta Street, TFGG (That Food Guy Group®) is very much part of the area’s transformation through the Play Braamfontein project spearheaded by Adam Levy which aims to uplift and contribute to building the city.

Play Braamfontein has been at the forefront of cultural-driven urban transformation in Braamfontein for over a decade and continues to do so with some exciting new developments. As part of this transformative change, TFGG has engineered another collaboration: That Food Guy Eats®. That Food Guy Group® has bought equity into Broodkop Bakery; a proudly South African company which specialises in sourdough.

This partnership will see Broodkop Bakery supporting That Food Guy Eats® in its execution and offering.

Funeka Peppeta, Business and Accounts Lead for That Food Guy Group® shares insight into the brand’s commitment to supporting local: “As equity partners in Broodkop, we are committed not only to entrenching a love for sourdough but to providing South Africa with authentic food experiences.”

So, it is safe to say TFGG has not only addressed a ‘knead’ but also risen to the occasion with the launch of That Food Guy Shop, News and their new silo, That Food Guy Eats®. Watch this space!

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