On the eve of its 20th anniversary in 2023, Trace is rebranding its TV channels and social networks to anchor them in a multi-screen strategy offering better visibility and legibility for the group’s various editorial identities as a leader in Afro-urban music and culture.
Trace entrusted the agency Moved by Design with the mission of modernizing, dynamizing and making its TV and digital media even more “3.0” in order to allow for a better affirmation of the diversity of programs and themes of the TV channels and the social media pages.
In a world of ultra-profusion of content, this new look guides users efficiently and elegantly through the group’s TV programs, channels and social media content. It highlights editorial content and artists by playing with a palette of typography, colors, special effects and transparency.

This new creative approach is perfectly aligned with Trace’s mission to entertain and make its audiences successful: new generations and Afro-urban artists.
TRACE has also introduced new original shows that premiered in October which showcase local talent with the intent to empower young creatives to produce quality content. Future Maskandi and Afro-tech is Life are new segments that people are currently enjoying on their screens, with The Re-Introduction an exciting 24-minute long music documentary series that aims to retell the stories of icons such as Fela Kuti and Brenda Fassie to a whole new audience of music lovers, set to launch in February of 2023. 
The spreading of this new look started on Wednesday, 2 November 2022 and all channels and social networks will be in the new Trace colors by the end of the year.
Trace’s new look meets 5 objectives:

  • Renew the visual identity of Trace media and social media pages
  • Highlight the thematics of each Trace channels
  • To offer a visual, responsive, harmonized and coherent guide that can be used on TV as well as on social networks, to lead young people in their experiences with Trace
  • Highlight the artists who are at the heart of Trace’s editorial offerings
  • Maintain and reinforce the modern, chic, avant-garde and aspirational image of the brand Trace

             Valentine Gaudin-Muteba, Trace Southern Africa Managing Director explains: “Our goal is to uplift and empower young and local artists by creating a platform for them to showcase their talent whilst simultaneously exposing our audience to high-quality content in a way that is convenient and easily accessible. As such, we are so excited to present a new, fresh TRACE look & feel to our viewers. This transformation aims to engage further interaction with the youth through a new look and feel and bridge the gap between TV and digital viewing to give our viewers a higher level experience.”


Facebook: @TraceSouthernAfrica
Twitter: @Trace_Inter
Instagram: @tracesouthafrica 

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