KFC South Africa is passionate about feeding a future with more purpose and bucketloads of good. And with a strong belief that together we can create a recipe for good, for all, many South African’s feel that same resilient spirit of Ubuntu.

After initially committing R5 million to Gift of the Givers at the beginning of December, KFC asked their consumers to partner with them to add even more hope and the call was met with an “absolutely, YES!”. Just by adding R2, R5 million was raised during the month of December, which, coupled with KFC’s donation, means a total of R10 million will go towards the Gift of the Givers. 

“KFC South Africa continues to be dedicated to doing our part to feed the potential of South Africa and we know that for many South Africans, that starts with something as simple as a daily meal. This was the reason behind our initial donation and our invitation to our customers to join us in this effort. We continue to be inspired by the amazing generosity of South Africans who, through their R2 donations, have spread the hope even further.

Our partnership with Gift of the Givers has in the past been a great enabler to expand the reach of Add Hope and it is especially due to their ability to mobilise and bring relief to those that need it most, that we decided to partner with them again this year,” says Andra Nel, KFC Marketing Manager, Brand & Purpose. 

Every day, KFC Add Hope partners with over 130 non-profit organisations that form a part of the Add hope beneficiary organisation network and serve over 30 million meals to children in need annually. In addition to that, Gift of the Givers play a pivotal role and their ability to access rural and remote areas not necessarily covered by other NGO’s. Their overall credibility and dedication in the purpose space is directly aligned to KFC Add Hope’s own values. 

The R10 million donation to Gift of the Givers will go towards vulnerable child feeding projects in the Western and Northern Cape, while also supporting the provinces of Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga where it will be used to lend support to areas where it is needed most.

“Our vision is to make a real and telling difference and restore the hope and dignity of the most vulnerable in their time of need,” says Dr Imtiaz Sooliman at Gift Of The Givers. “The reality is that South Africa is suffering economically with slow growth and high unemployment, and rising levels of poverty and food prices is putting added pressure on struggling households and communities. Donations and partnerships such as these only enhance the concept of South Africans joining hands to uplift fellow South Africans and for that we are deeply grateful.”

In 2021, KFC donated R5 million to Gift of the Givers to be able to serve an additional 26,500 children and 318,000 meals over the festive season, specifically targeting remote and rural areas. This year, through the generosity of its customers, the donation and reach has been exponentially increased.

“Every time a customer chooses to add R2 to their meal, they might be adding what many consider to be small change, but that small change effects truly big change and adds hope to thousands of children across South Africa. There is still more to be done and we believe that together, we can continue to do bucketloads of good,” concludes Nel.

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