Life for the modern woman comes with a routine for every facet of her beauty. A routine for skincare, hair, nail and grooming, and another one for makeup and lip care. All these are necessary regimens in the pursuit of healthy skin and beauty but, there is another important drill that beauty enthusiasts should follow: skin repair while we sleep.

“Sleep is an absolute essential for the wellness of skin,” says Edwin Kodinye, Head: Beauty Categories at Avon Justine. “During rest, the skin rejuvenates itself with several important changes: skin cells are actively growing; while both Cortisol, the hormone that regulates inflammation amongst other functions, and pH levels dip during the night. In addition to this, sebum production decreases during the night, resulting in moisture loss. Lastly, during skin’s renewal mode, product absorption from skincare ingredients is maximised, making night-time skincare crucial for healthy, youthful skin.”

To circumvent some of the adverse changes that your skin experiences during the night, and to help your skin rejuvenate fully during its renewal cycle overnight, an efficient skincare product is an absolute must have.

Justine, the brand behind the original Tissue Oil, has a Sleep Therapy range that includes a Sleep Therapy Oil, a calming Body oil, nourishing Body Butter, Oil Bath Crème, Melt-In Mask face Night Crème. Here’s what this range can do you for you:

Justine Tissue Oil Seep Therapy Oil

Enriched with therapeutic botanical extracts and essential oils that help relax, and calm the senses for a good night’s rest, the Justine Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Oil also helps to rejuvenate and restore skin health overnight.

Justine Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Oil Bath Crème

The Justine Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Oil Bath Crème is a therapeutic bath crème that creates luxurious foam & a relaxing fragrance for a spa experience that promotes a good night’s sleep.

Justine Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Night Cream

This night cream is formulated with Moroccan rose oil, chamomile and lavender essential oils, has a calming fragrance that enhances relaxation, thereby promoting improved sleep quality to maximise the skin renewal process during sleep.

Justine Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Melt-In Mask

Formulated with the nourishing Tissue Oil blend and specially selected essential oils , including sweet almond oil, and added moisturising actives and hyaluronic acid, the melt-in overnight face mask drenches skin with restoring and calming moisture for a replenished look and feel.

Justine Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Body Butter

A thick, luxurious body butter formulated with Justine’s nourishing Tissue Oil blend and specially selected essential oils and botanicals which help to restore skin during sleep. 

The Justine Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy range is available on the Online store, www.justine.co.za or through your local Justine Consultant. Free delivery for orders of R500 or more.

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