Your night time routine has the power to enhance the way you look. Dermatologically tested and proven products have an effect on your skin, but sometimes the secret is in fact a lot less complicated, and the solution is as simple as the type of pillowcase and bonnet you use. 

Research shows that the material you sleep on can either diminish or enhance your appearance. Although cotton and flannel don’t feel necessarily uncomfortable to sleep on, there are a lot more benefit to using silk and satin pillowcases, head wraps and sheets.

Enjoy these 6 Benefits of including Dubis Fashion silk and satin products in your night time routine:

  1. Protects the Skins Moisture Barrier: Similar to how silk and satin retain the hair’s moisture, it equally protects the skin’s moisture barrier as opposed to other materials which dry out the skin. Retaining your skin’s moisture is important in ensuring that your skin stays looking healthy, radiant and bright.

  2. Appeases Allergies: Aart from silk and satin being non-absorbent, you may find that your allergies won’t get aggravated as you sleep because dust particles and mites are less likely to settle on them – making the material hypoallergenic.

  3. Prevents frizzing, Tangling and Breakage: Pillowcase and bonnets made from silk or satin prevent the hair from frizzing and helps you maintain your hairstyle. The material reduces friction when the hair rubs against the pillowcase, which prevents it from tangling, and ultimately keeping your hair looking luscious and not like you woke up from a full night of sleep.

  4. Reduces creases: Waking up with sleep creases is a normal occurrence for most people and as the day progresses, the appearance of these creases begin to fade. Research shows that as time goes on the skin stretches when sleep creases occur, which may result in the formation of permanent wrinkles – and you certainly don’t want that!

  5. Helps with Acne: Silk and Satin reduce friction as you move throughout the night. The less friction your skin experiences, the less likely it is to become irritated. Skin irritation can result in rashes, redness, itching and even small bumps. Silk and satin also don’t absorb oils from the skin as the skin’s natural oils work to ensure that it remains moisturised and doesn’t age prematurely.

  6. Helps you Sleep Better: Struggling to sleep? Forget about tablets, natural remedies or sound healing. Silk or satin sheets and pillowcases naturally helps regulate temperature and you’ll spend less time flipping your pillow for the “cool side”, helping you to reach a state of a sleep quicker than you’re normally used to. Having a full night of sleep can strengthen your immune system, increase your energy levels and better your mental health.

‘’As soon as I made the switch from cotton pillowcases to satin, I never went back! We’ve all tried numerous skincare remedies and haircare products but are left unsatisfied with the results. I know, from personal experience, that the answer lies in using softer, quality materials while sleeping’’, says Madhuva Makhado, the founder of Dubis Fashion and Beauty. ‘’After seeing a gradual increase in the appearance and health of my hair and skin, I set out to create a product that everyone can benefit from, made from quality silk and satin, our sleepwear and other products are the key to better sleep and a healthier you’’, adds Makhado.

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