Chicken. It’s South Africa’s favourite protein, and is eaten every day, at almost every meal. Every meal, that is, except for breakfast. For years, cereals, muffins, toast, and croissants have been synonymous with breakfast – even steaks and boerewors made the cut, but NEVER chicken. It’s as if the great taste of chicken is being kept under wraps.

That is, until now. KFC breaks the loop of basic breakfast with a national promotion and partnership with international comedian Trevor Noah. 

Six months after his departure from the Daily Show, Trevor returned to South Africa to partner with KFC to launch their national breakfast promotion, posing the question to Mzanzi, where did breakfast Chicken go?  

The 90-second TV advertisement, featuring Trevor as the protagonist, spearheaded the campaign and exposed just how far back this “breakfast conspiracy” goes. The plot twist: There was never a conspiracy as KFC has been serving breakfast all this time.… unbeknownst to Trevor and revealed by his long-time friend and radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo.

“Trevor’s ability to connect with people from all walks of life makes him a great fit for our brand. As a comedian and host, he has a natural talent for making people feel at ease. By partnering with Trevor, we are excited to bring a sense of South African humour and awareness to our campaign, while also showcasing our delicious and affordable breakfast options available at KFC,” commented Grant Macpherson, Chief Marketing Officer at KFC South Africa.

Grant continued, “At KFC, we are passionate about serving the world’s best fried chicken at all parts of the day, including breakfast. It’s our ambition to grow the breakfast layer, through a compelling menu offering and expansion of our national footprint. At present, we have 653 restaurants who serve breakfast between 6:00am – 10:30am countrywide.

Affordable, on-the-go breakfast options have never been easier to access. KFC’s breakfast campaign hero’s the Brekkie Crunch Wrap, which is made up of a warm tortilla wrapped around a deliciously soft egg, cheese and crunchy golden chicken fillet that’s been prepared to perfection, with KFC’s famous colonel dressing and a free Cappy Juice for only R34.90.

“We want to remind customers that their favourite chicken is available throughout the day – delicious, freshly prepared Original Recipe chicken. So, go on, break the cycle of basic breakfast and join the #EatChickenForBreakfast movement. Your tastebuds will thank you for it,” concludes MacPherson. 

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