The House of Klipdrift is proud to announce a brand-new member to the Klipdrift family. It’s Klipdrift, but with something a little extra to elevate the ordinary and add more excitement to #GoldBetweenFriends.

Introducing NEW Klipdrift Copper Royale – 23% liqueur, infused with real potstill brandy and a bold fruit infusion of blood orange, melon, and peach flavours. With its sweet and rich flavour profile, this bold creation is an invitation to live a little and when doing so, choosing to #LiveALittleRoyale.

When the sun goes down and the beat turns up, pour yourself a Klipdrift Copper Royale – best enjoyed neat on the rocks, with cola (cola-la, as we say) or with your mixer of choice. But most importantly, it’s best enjoyed with friends! It’s a bold new spirit made to “royale” up any occasion.

“We’re so thrilled to introduce a game changer to the market. A sweeter & smoother offering, with bold flavour infusions, made to mix, at an affordable price point with the most boujee packaging-what more could you ask for?” says Klipdrift Brand Manager, Nadia Anthony.

Now available at leading liquor stores for only R129.99. Try it for yourself and see what happens when Klipdrift gets the Royale treatment. 

To read more on this delicious product  visit our website at https://www.klipdrift.co.za/klipdrift-copper-royale or watch the TV commercial here: https://www.youtube.com/@klipdriftbrandy.

Stay tuned for more information on Klipdrift Copper Royale by following us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and subscribing to @KlipdriftBrandy on our YouTube page. Share your favourite Royale moments with #LiveALittleRoyale.

Here’s to living extra-la-la with Klipdrift Copper Royale. 

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