WWF South Africa is committed to supporting local entrepreneurs who prioritize sustainability practices in their business operations.

As part of this effort, WWF South Africa’s online shop features a variety of eco-sensitive products created by forward thinking local entrepreneurs. One of the acclaimed local brands featured by WWF South Africa’s online shop is Danielle Camera Jewellery, a celebrated brand inspired by Africa’s natural heritage.

Priceless value

Crafted with recycled gold, silver, and other gems, the brand’s bespoke pieces are exquisitely fashioned with exceptional craftsmanship and wearability. Each creation is a testament to the designer Danielle Camera’s commitment to design that makes a positive impact on the environment. Camera, a trained sculptor, believes that “Sustainability is key to the way we operate our business. We re-imagine gold, silver, gems, and metals made from old jewellery and waste from creative industries. These reclaimed ingredients are then melted, refined, recast, and made into our jewellery pieces. By using recycled materials, we hope to create pieces that not only look good but do good as well.”

WWF South Africa’s online shop specifically features Camera’s highly sought-after Nika and Okuhle ranges (priced from just R450), which draw inspiration from African wildlife and cater to all age groups. Each piece is created with a conscious effort to use ethically sourced ingredients and a transparent and reliable supply chain. 

An inspiring catalogue

WWF South Africa’s online store also offers a wide range of other eco-sensitive products, including stunning Uzwelo Bags made from recycled plastic bottles, exquisite Mulberry Mongoose jewellery made from snare wire removed from the Zambian bush, and WeAllShareRoots’ enchanting handbags and accessories that uplift vulnerable communities in Cape Town.

Justin Smith, Head of Business Development at WWF South Africa, emphasizes the importance of supporting local entrepreneurs who prioritize ethical practices in their businesses. “Choosing to support brands like Danielle Camera Jewellery not only allows consumers to purchase beautiful and unique products, but also enables them to make a positive impact on the environment and support more sustainable business practices.”

Visit WWF South Africa’s online store to discover charming, eco-sensitive products that make a difference in protecting our planet.

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