In a cheeky move by South Africa’s most loved fried chicken brand, KFC, the brand has taken to the streets of Johannesburg and Pretoria to prove that their Double Crunch burger far outweighs any attempts by their competition to match their crispy, fresh fried chicken burger goodness!

The tactical marketing campaign aptly named “Fixed It – #MakeItKFC” comes off the back of the launch of a competing brand’s chicken burger, where KFC trucks  were parked in various strategic locations, supported by promoters handing out vouchers for free KFC Double Crunch burgers – indicating that the KFC burger is the way to go!

The campaign took to social media and has seen some playful, friendly banter between the competing brands – with KFC stating that “we don’t have any beef with you, it’s the chicken we’re after” – and has even been positively engaged by other leading brands within the FMCG space including the likes of Coca Cola.

Says Grant Macpherson, Chief Marketing Officer at KFC South Africa: “We are always looking for innovative and pioneering ways to create awareness, engagement and to land our brand message and this campaign aims at doing just that – creating positive controversy by taking on one of our biggest QSR competitors, with a product that we believe is a strong contender against their recently launched chicken burger.” 

The campaign so far has seen some strong engagement with Sunday’s reading at 21 million impressions, 8,5 million video views, 620 retweets and 26% engagement rate.

“And like we said, we have no beef with them – it’s simply an opportunity for some friendly banter while we highlight the incredible taste, we have to offer the South African consumer,” concludes Macpherson.

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