Liquid laundry detergent has seen a rapid increase in the South African market and one of South Africa’s growing companies aims at pioneering the change in the way we do our laundry.

KT Wash, a detergent manufacturing company based in Nigel, east of Gauteng, are excited to announce the launch of their SKY liquid detergent range.

Closely monitoring the positive sentiments from consumers and retailers of liquid detergent gradually being introduced in the country, KT Wash have embarked on this new production journey with the aim of revolutionizing the detergent industry.

Superior cleaning power, lasting freshness and a concentrated formula are some of the things to expect with the new range. SKY Liquid harnesses the latest advancements in detergent formulation, and subsequently, making it an economical and fantastic choice.

“SKY Liquid offers an unmatched laundry experience, combining advanced cleaning technologies with an enduring fragrance that keeps clothes fresh throughout the day. Our team has poured years of expertise into developing this detergent, resulting in a powerful formula that removes even the toughest stains while being gentle on fabrics,” says Shandré Sund, KT Wash’s Marketing Manager.

With this new offering, the company hopes to expand its current consumer base by elevating its existing selections and meeting the ever-growing demand for premium laundry solutions. SKY has been a ubiquity in Southern African markets for over 10 years and has continued being a longstanding favourite in households across the country since it’s launch in 2019.

Sund further says “The company continues to evaluate and evolve its offerings. We have uniquely positioned ourselves to break boundaries and build the brand into South Africa’s trusted household brands. We ask for our consumers and retailers to visit our SKY webpage to better understand what to expect.”

Sky Liquid will be available in Liquid Laundry core 2L, Liquid laundry baby 1.5L, Fabric Softener 2L. For more information, please visit

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