When words simply won’t do, and gift-giving is the way to show you care, a bouquet of LEGO® Botanical flowers has the power to says it all for you.

From birthday blooms to congratulatory cacti, the LEGO Botanical Collection is an artful medium to express affection, love, well-wishes, and self-care, mirroring the timeless act of gifting flowers – now in a way that truly stands the test of time.

Miroslav Říha, Country Manager for LEGO South Africa, says, “Gift and flower giving are interwoven into the tapestry of South African culture. The LEGO Botanicals collection encapsulates the warmth and amiability of South Africans while paying homage to the nation’s rich and diverse flora and fauna, and with that, its timeless beauty ensures these particular bouquets will last a lifetime.”

Each LEGO Botanical set carries a message that read, ‘thank you’, ‘happy birthday’, ‘congrats’, ‘bravo’, and ‘best wishes’. Take your pick from a range of meticulously crafted plants and flowers in the LEGO Botanicals Collection, including the Orchid – an emblem of love, beauty, and opulence; the Sakura – heralding new beginnings; the Cactus – a guardian of devotion, warmth, and safeguarding; Birds of Paradise – symbolising triumph and liberty; and the Bonsai – a sanctuary of tranquillity, serenity, and accord.

The collection also includes single stem blossoms, intricately fashioned to harmonise with existing bouquets: California Poppy, Aster, Aloe Vera, Lavender, and Snap Dragon. The true charm of these, however, lies in the interplay of these sets, allowing floral and design enthusiasts to orchestrate unique symphonies of colour and form – from exquisite table centrepieces to dazzling wall installations – an infinite realm of creativity.

South Africans who have waited eagerly for the arrival of spring will also be able to shop their favourite LEGO blooms at two charming flower carts bursting with colourful LEGO flower bunches along with the complete Botanicals range for purchase at the Gateway and Sandton City LEGO Certified Stores throughout September.

This forms part of the enchanting #SayitWithLEGOFlowers campaign that is currently running in South Africa, giving LEGO loving Saffas with a penchant for unique gift-giving a creative new way to show the special people in their lives how much they care. 

“With gift-giving often playing into the negative aspects of consumerism, commercialising happy and emotion-filled occasions and often leading to the purchase and dumping of unsustainable materials like plastic, knowing that the LEGO Botanical sets incorporate plant-derived plastic elements sourced from sustainable sugar cane offers peace of mind to the eco-conscious gift-giver and giftee,” adds Říha.

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